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  1. Alyson Collom said,

    on February 20th, 2007 at 1:23 am

    Hi there!

    I’m writing on behalf of a wonderful lady named Carole Carson who has recently written a book that will be published in April, “From Fat to Fit–Turn Yourself into a Weapon of Mass Reduction.”

    The book tells the story of how Carole chronicled her journey
    from fat to fit in the local newspaper and how her story triggered others to join in getting fit. Over a thousand friends and neighbors lost nearly four tons of fat in eight weeks in a community effort, The Nevada County Meltdown. The event was featured in all the major media and even made international news. The book will be appearing in major book stores following publication in April.

    In addition to giving information about the book, our website
    highlights a contest where Carole is offering to help a community replicate the Nevada County Meltdown. For details on contest, go to

    I stumbled across your charming website while doing some research for Carole and thought I would share this information with you in an effort to get the word out about this revolutionary new way of working together to get fit!

    Alyson Collom
    Website Coordinator

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