It’s over…

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Christmas is over. What amazing days we had. Saturday night, along with 14 other family members, Clint and I went to a ‘Christmas Carol’ dinner theater. I had never been to one of these before, and it was a blast. They did the 12 days of Christmas song, accompanied by 12 [...]

Can’t help myself…

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This in no way is weight loss related, but it is the best thing I could have read today.
I am a full-time in-the-office working mom of 2 beautiful girls, and the points made in this story mean the world to me, even though my kids do not have nannies, or babysitters (except for once a [...]

A little Holiday lull?!?

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Seems I’m not the only one lagging in posts lately. Almost all of my reads are lacking also. What’s funny is, most of them have the same last date of posting on December 8. I know it’s because of the Holidays and all, so I don’t feel quite as guilty for not [...]

Take a Stand

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Wanna know how to lose weight? STAND.
Here is the article. I found the link to it from Krista.
Now here’s why I’m so fascinated with the article. I found out this simple change could help me lose weight like 20 years ago. I remember my mom making a comment to me when [...]

‘moving’ on…

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So, I did it. Last night, I got dressed in comfy black workout pants, my boobie-smooshie-est bra and tank top (to minimize the black-eye effect), and hopped on Lippy. And despite my iPod earbuds pissing me off within the first 30 seconds because they kept falling out of my ears, I managed to [...]

Christmas gift…

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I need your input. My husband is looking for ideas for me for Christmas. A treadmill is a very good possibility. What else do you get for someone who has no real hobbies outside of (wannabe) fitness and her family? Do I opt for fitness equipment? Mirrors for the walls [...]

Talking myself down…

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I’m only posting again to keep myself in my chair. The snack machines are calling my name terribly and all I keep saying to myself is ‘Do you want to eat crap that will be gone in 5 minutes, or do you want to lose weight?’…I’m repeating it over and over, all the while [...]

Absence makes the body grow fatter…

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Well, not really. I know when I don’t post here much it’s probably because I’m not doing as well as I should be. Think that’s the problem this time? If you say ‘yeah’ then…DING DING DING…you ARE correct.
Don’t get me wrong, I have lost most of what I gained from [...]

The Biggest Loser

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Is it just me or does cutie Bob have a little crush on Nicole?!?!

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