Friday, July 13, 2012

Ok…no scale

Posted by Lisa on 09.29.05

I only weighed in yesterday *coughjenn* because I wanted to see if I had indeed lost more than just the 2 lbs. because of my crappy monthly… LOL But I AM back on the scale boycott… :) I will NOT, I repeat, NOT weigh in again until Monday :) I am seriously SO on a [...]

Blinkies and update

Posted by Lisa on 09.28.05

I just sent out e-mails to Elizabeth, Jennifer and Amber for the ‘lbs. lost’ blinkies that you all requested…if anyone else has asked me recently for them, and I didn’t send them to you, please comment here and let me know…I will get them out to you ASAP… :) I’m doing amazing. I am down [...]

Week one, down

Posted by Lisa on 09.26.05

Well, this marks the end of Challenge Week :) Of course, my period couldn’t come at a worse time, so that made my loss a solid 2 lbs. this week. I know I have lost more than that, but being bloated, and that whole deal, I’ll take it :) Also, I can see a difference [...]

Had a bad day…

Posted by Lisa on 09.23.05

Sorry for no challenge update last night. Was a BAAAAD day. Got emotional, ate, got over it, back on track again now…thank you SOOO very much to Karen for getting me sanely through it :) I did, however, manage to get myself 11, yes, ELEVEN activity points yesterday that more than covered my little food [...]

Challenge day #3

Posted by Lisa on 09.21.05

Can I just start off by saying, I kicked @$$ today?!?!?! It was Megan’s 3rd birthday, so that meant dinner, cake & ice cream. And you won’t BELIEVE how well I managed it all :) :) I went to work today, got home and got the house cleaned before everyone got here at 6:00 p.m. [...]

Today’s doings on the challenge

Posted by Lisa on 09.20.05

Only 5 more days till weigh-in!!! I’m WE’RE kicking butt !!!! Cannot wait!!! Something else that Karen has done for me is, she’s gotten me to focus on the GOOD in me. I told her how I seriously don’t like much about myself (physically, cept for the legs ya know :) ) and one thing [...]

Something kinda cool

Posted by Lisa on

I will be back later on to fill in my daily rundown, but for now I wanted to post this link for anyone interested. I am working at home today and don’t get to see much daytime TV, so you can imagine my shock when I turned on ‘The View’ and saw how much weight [...]

Today’s rundown on the challenge progress

Posted by Lisa on 09.19.05

Shocked to see yet another post from me today??? Had another great day! Couple of food choices that weren’t the best, but I”m still right at my points and feeling good :) Goal points ~ 28 Total Used ~ 28 Breakfast ~ 2 eggs, over easy *4 pts.* 2 pcs. lite bread *1 pt.* Lunch [...]

It worked…it ACTUALLY worked

Posted by Lisa on

I did it…I hid the scale…True, I do know where it’s at, but it’s not staring me in the face everytime I walk into my bathroom, begging me to get on it. Outta site, outta mind. I decided last night after e-mailing Karen and posting here, that I was putting it away. It’s in my [...]

What a great day :)

Posted by Lisa on 09.18.05

So, here’s the plan. Karen (who I’m sure you have all seen leave wonderful comments on my site often, and she’s such a great supporter for me) and I have made a pact. For one week, starting tomorrow, Monday, September 20, we have each laid out our plan for the week and are going to [...]