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Are ‘take-backs’ allowed???

Posted by Lisa in LessLisa

Yeah, that whole ‘I’m cool with the gym’ thing? gone.

I went tonight again, and got to the gym area, checked out the nautilus room where the treadmills / lippys are and they were full, so I went to the free weights room. One guy in there. I coulda dealt with that I guess, but as I was in there for a whole minute or so, he’s one of those showy aggressive gym guys…and made me a nervous wreck. He was grunting REALLY loudly (now, I know when you lift weights and they are MONSTER weights, it’s gonna happen…this was beyond normal) and whenever he emptied his weight bar, he THREW the plates on the floor. Every time he did it, they slammed to the floor and it scared the crap outta me…

So I decided to let him be alone with all of his manliness and head back to the other room. One treadmill was open. I got on it, jacked it up to 3.8 MPH and got in a nice comfort zone in the corner, knocked out 2 miles in 33 minutes, and was still feeling intimidated from the friggin manly-man and ended up leaving. Now how crappy is that?! Because I let some muscle-head make me nervous to begin my night, I let it ruin my ENTIRE night. No weights…Not that it’s a bad thing…I’m shooting for doing weights 3-4 tmes per week, so having a cardio night is fine, but it’s just the idea that the whole reason I hate gyms to begin with, and yet swore just last night not to let it ruin the time that I need for ME, I still let it get me.

It’s just going to take some time is all…tomorrow they aren’t open late enough for me to go, so I’ll be there at 8 a.m. on Saturday…

So I did get exercise in, awesome on points and plenty of water. All in all, still a kick ass day!

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  1. Dell. said,

    on February 23rd, 2007 at 4:38 pm

    Hi Lisa.. sounds like a total jerk in that weight room. Probably got a pencil dick so feels he has to make up for it. wanker!!! Pick a time when he may not be there.
    You are doing great . Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself. This is long term.. How’s hubby and the baby/babies?

    Good luck !!

  2. Annie said,

    on February 24th, 2007 at 10:15 pm

    Gives me another reason to love Curves…no grunty sweaty men! LOL But I do evny you having access to treadmills and the lippys. Sometimes I think I would love a regular gym but I do love the comfort of exercising with other women…real women with real bodies. I hope you don’t have many days like the one you just had.

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