Friday, July 13, 2012

Fresh look

Posted by Lisa on 09.29.06

I’m working on the site, so for right now, all you can probably view are the entries…I’ll have the links working as soon as I can!!  I have set up a new re-direct to automatically take you from to if you can update your bookmarks, please do, otherwise, I have the redirect set [...]

Day *WOOT* Six

Posted by Lisa on

Until I typed that heading, I didn’t realize how great that is…I have been perfectly on track for 6…SIX…this many: IIIIII….days!!!  How awesome is that?!?!?  I feel amazing.  I have not once this past (almost) week had that ‘my stomach feels like it weighs 20 lbs. more than the food I just consumed’ kinda blah feeling.  [...]

Day *YAWN* Four

Posted by Lisa on 09.27.06

It’s late.  I’m tired.  But I had the urge to post.  I have just completed day 4 of tracking my calories.  I feel rejuvinated.  I feel focused.  I feel success coming once again.  !#$@#%% REMOVING JINX I JUST PUT ON MYSELF #%@$%@#$%@#$% Tonight as I replayed The Biggest Loser on the DVR I feel the [...]

Switching my focus

Posted by Lisa on 09.25.06

Alrighty.  Where do I start.  First, Clint is feeling better.  The pain in his right side has subsided.  That’s a positive thing.  We’re still praying for no cancer, but we won’t know for sure until October 5th.  Just over a week more.  Foods don’t seem to be bothering him at this point which is nice.  [...]

‘Calm’ before the storm?

Posted by Lisa on 09.14.06

Yesterday I mentioned how he and I both felt so ‘calm’ on Tuesday.  Yesterday, early on, pretty much the same.  There were a bit of nerves but more just anxious to get him to the Dr. and see what he had to say.  Here’s the deal (so far)… Seems in his ER report of the [...]

Dr. Appt. tonight..

Posted by Lisa on 09.13.06

Clint’s Dr. appt. is tonight at 4:15 p.m.  I will update any further news after that, but I wanted to send out a huge thank you to every single one of you who said a prayer or even just thought about us. Monday was hell…I had a horrible day even trying to concentrate at work.  [...]

Sorry to be a downer…

Posted by Lisa on 09.11.06

This isn’t going to be a typical ‘me’ post.  Things are bad.  Seriously.  I took Clint to the emergency room on Saturday morning about 6:00 a.m. because he was in horrible pain on his right side and very nauseus, so we went to the hospital under the assumption that he had appendicitis…the ER dr. even [...]

Picture Post!!!

Posted by Lisa on 09.06.06

There is a regular post below this one for today, but after I got Mary’s comment, I HAD to get these up…drum roll please………………………………the freakin’ built-in we designed and built!!!!!!!  Finally…I think we did this back in March?!?!?!  Here’s the pictures!!! First one here is before we got the new TV….this is our old TV [...]

… Confession Time …

Posted by Lisa on

Forgive me, dear readers, for I have crapped out. Short and sweet version?  I haven’t worked out in over a week.  That is crap.  My eating?  While not following any sort of organized plan, I have seen my once wonderful portion sizes grow larger, and my healthy food choices become un-healthy.  My solution? I kicked [...]