Friday, July 13, 2012

Major NSV day :)

Posted by Lisa on 08.31.05

Two posts in one day :) This one’s worth it (to me, anyways, I’m PSYCHED!!!!) Ok, again, I feel really, well, stupid over the whiny post from the other day…things have really been looking up since then, and I need to realize there are going to be days like that, and they, too, shall pass…cliche?? [...]


Posted by Lisa on

This is why I hate when I have posted such a downer post…the scale was nice to me this morning…it’s finally showing a LOSS!!! I’m now down to 254 :) :) I’ll tell you, one reason I was so down was it showed a gain just a few days ago, and it just wouldn’t budge. [...]

Feeling better…

Posted by Lisa on 08.29.05

Thanks for the support guys :) Elizabeth and Mel ~ Thanks for your posts both of you…I can always count on you two no matter what and I love it…Beth ~ That was the sweetest comment I have ever gotten here…Love you for it!!! I’m doing MUCH better today…my friend did come to visit…ok…first, there [...]

What’s going on?

Posted by Lisa on 08.27.05

Before I get to the main post, I have to say thank you for all the great comments on the pictures and for the Happy Birthday wishes that were sent…you all are awesome!!!! I hate when I post an entry such as this…but I feel so ‘blah’…it’s just the usual stuff while trying to lose [...]


Posted by Lisa on 08.21.05

Finally :) I have pictures!!! I still have a few more that I won’t be posting tonight, but I did want to get these up so you can see a few :) First, here is the ocean…soooo beautiful and relaxing…I seriously didn’t want to leave ~ This one if my FAVORITE picture from the entire [...]

The trip to Jersey…

Posted by Lisa on 08.18.05

I still haven’t gotten the pictures I was waiting for, so until I do, I wanted to post about my weekend…then in a separate post I will add pictures :) :) Get your reading glasses and a comfy chair…it’s gonna be a long one… Last Friday, we got off work early and were on the [...]

Sorry for the delay…

Posted by Lisa on 08.17.05

Sorry for not posting about my weekend as of yet…I’m waiting for my cousin that went with us to send me pictures so I can post them as I tell the story…LOL…I promise it will be very soon! I did, however, manage to gain 2 lbs. over the weekend…I was very good on my points [...]

We’re Back!!

Posted by Lisa on 08.15.05

I’m at work, so I can’t give all the details, but tonight I will give you the scoop on this past weekend…including pictures!!! Only 2 of me though because only 2 look decent…LOL…the rest were horrible…soon as I get them up I will post again :)

!!!!! TODAY !!!!!

Posted by Lisa on 08.12.05

I can’t believe it’s here…we leave in approximately 3-1/2 hours for the girls weekend :) I have never been any further east than Syracuse, NY so this is gonna be an experience to me :) So far the tips I have been given include: be up early enough Saturday morning to watch the sunrise over [...]

Girls Weekend!!!

Posted by Lisa on 08.10.05

First for the really good news :) You may have seen my latest comments from my previous post that included one from Bridget, my soon to be sister-in-law :) Anywho, I am leaving Friday around 4:00 p.m. for a GIRLS WEEKEND!!! Bridget and my brother Laddie are getting married in October, in NJ…and my mom [...]