Friday, July 13, 2012


Posted by Lisa on 05.30.06

!!!! NEGATIVE !!!! We are so excited and relieved right now…I have alot to talk about, but dont’ feel much like being online right now, so I just wanted to post the results of my tests :) :) Next post should include…falling off wagon…climbing back on wagon…friendly scale…shitty scale…oh, and boxing. Thank you once again [...]


Posted by Lisa on

I am still waiting on test results as of today. The Dr. office is calling the lab as we speak (well, read…) and the Dr. will call me this afternoon. I just wanted to clarify on a couple of the comments that were made. First, thank you ALL for the positive thoughts, prayers and everything. [...]

Not a good day…

Posted by Lisa on 05.23.06

Short and sweet…I don’t like to do this, but I’m begging for your prayers. I got a call today to call the dr.’s office back about my most recent pap test, and when I did it the results were that it is abnormal. I do have a couple of details already that I’m not going [...]

Day late…

Posted by Lisa on 05.16.06

Weigh in was yesterday, but I did have a good excuse for not posting it. I formatted my computer on Sunday night and never got it up and running until last night. Anyhoo, my weigh in was 250. I didn’t get to see that magical 249 on my weigh in day, but it’s still a [...]

She’s back :)

Posted by Lisa on 05.10.06

I’m sure you can tell by the number of posts lately, not to mention the ‘up-ness’ in them, that I am back on track. Today is day #1 of South Beach for me. I have been following the basic guidelines since I read about it a few days ago. Saturday, after having seen the dr. [...]

!! WOOT !!

Posted by Lisa on 05.09.06

Yesterday, as I reported I was down 1/2 lb. for the week. This morning? 2 MORE. New medication, low-carb (starting South Beach tomorrow after shopping tonight) and exercise. What a lovely sight.

What a feeling!

Posted by Lisa on 05.08.06

Name a body part. Any body part. I bet mine hurts. We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday morning, I took Abbie to her horse riding lessons, came home got a few loads of laundry done and dishes done, all the while, Clint and the neighbor guy were seeding the back 2 acres of both of [...]

The Dr. Visit.

Posted by Lisa on 05.05.06

I just returned from my Dr. Appointment. All in all, things are good. He told me he does not want to give me Glucophage, seeing as how my periods are completely regular at this point. That kind of surprised me, but I’ll do what he says. He did give me a prescription though, but it [...]

A loss?!?!

Posted by Lisa on 05.03.06

Hmmm…another weird week, moody ups and downs, and a huge gain on the scale in one day, then a loss of it all, and then today? I’m down an additional pound from last week putting me at 252.5 I WILL get out of the 250′s by Monday. I’m fighting for this one. I finally sat [...]