Friday, July 13, 2012

Doing fine and an NSV!!!

Posted by Lisa on 06.29.05

Hello friends !! I assure you my absense is not a bad one. Actually it’s a good one! I’m doing awesome. I have been sticking to my points, busy like crazy and loving every minute of it. Saturday there was a huge car show in mid-Ohio that we went to and walked around from 10:00 [...]

Mirrors suck…

Posted by Lisa on 06.22.05

2nd post for today…had to get this out…I think my mirrors at home are broken. Or at least it should be mandatory for mirrors that are in my house to be labeled with the phrase ‘Objects in mirror are actually larger than they appear‘ We went to Wal-mart tonight…we are potty training Megan right now, [...]

Another great day :)

Posted by Lisa on

Filled my points PERFECTLY again :) 28/28, earned 4 AP’s with a mile and a half walk at work today, only got in 60 oz. of water, but better than nothing :) Elizabeth is trying not to weigh in but once per week for a challenge she’s doing ( so I’m going to try and [...]

Challenge Day #7, and the day after, and the day after that…

Posted by Lisa on 06.21.05

Sorry I have been out of commission here…I was literally out of commission here at home. Challenge Day #7 was Father’s Day. I didn’t have my normal daily menu, but I did stay within my points, even able to have a little apple pie & a little vanilla ice cream on top. It was YUMMY [...]

Challenge Day #6

Posted by Lisa on 06.18.05

Another quick update…today was awesome…I LOVE having family over…most of them I didn’t even know, so it was great getting to know everyone :) I stuck with my plan for eating and didn’t budge from it…didn’t even GLANCE at the desserts that were brought in and sitting on the table. I got the girls fed, [...]

Challenge Day #5

Posted by Lisa on

Just a quick update…it’s 11:30 p.m. we just got home from a baseball game in Cleveland…it was a blast..fireworks afterwards and all, great night :) I used 28/28 points today had a 1.5 mile walk at work today (25 minutes) and had just over 6,000 steps recorded on my pedometer… I think it’s going to [...]

2nd post of the day

Posted by Lisa on 06.16.05

It CAME!!! My new home kit from WW is here :) I’m SO tickled with it :) The pedometer rocks !!! By far my favorite I have ever owned :) I kicked @$$ today working out and eating and got in an amazing amount of water (and had MANY trips to the potty)… An earlier [...]

Challenge Day #4 – going great :)

Posted by Lisa on

I never got a chance to get my page updated last night with Challenge day #3 info…I will do that tonight along with todays Day #4. I filled my points yesterday, got in about 72 oz. of water, but didn’t get any intentional exercise at all unless you count some pretty busy housework. The old [...]

Challenge Day #2 – ‘The shorts’ & Swirl Stix

Posted by Lisa on 06.14.05

I updated my food/activity link with today’s points, exercise and water :) Next, the shorts. I have to tell you that even though I am overweight, my legs never did get very big…so, I have THEE pair of shorts that I love to wear…except for the fact that they are baggy on my legs, which [...]

Me again :)

Posted by Lisa on 06.13.05

I created the new page to keep my challenge totals on for the week, and whatever challenge comes after that :) Click on the food/activity link ^^ up there ^^ I will update that during the day/nightly/whenever I get to it during the day :) Hope everyone is doing wonderful!!!