Friday, July 13, 2012

Pictures soon…

Posted by Lisa on 03.22.06

I promise to get pictures up here soon. Even a couple of myself may slip in here or there…we got the wall unit that we built, completed. There are 2 drawers that we still need to make, but other than that, it’s complete, along with two adorable brushed silver lamps with dark red square lamp [...]

Weigh-In Day

Posted by Lisa on 03.20.06

UPDATE ~ I worked out awesomely tonight. I did 25 minutes of weight training (earning 2 AP’s) and did 30 minutes on Lippy (earning 2 AP’s and burned 309 calories), even though BOTH of my feet were completely numb. I am going right now to do a search on this foot thing. It’s driving me [...]

Dude, where’s my TEA???

Posted by Lisa on 03.16.06

I’m hooked. Again. Green Tea. I am having 4-5 cups a day just during work hours. It’s Decaf…don’t worry…like I need one more thing to wind me up…nuh-uh. I seriously love it. And it’s helping me with my appetite as well. When I’m feeling the grum-bellies, I have a cup and it holds me over [...]

A day late and feelin’ old…

Posted by Lisa on 03.14.06

Weigh in was yesterday. My first week back on WW. Well, following it closer and online at least. I was down 2 lbs. Not too bad :) I was hoping for more, but I will take anything because I still haven’t gotten my butt in gear on exercise. Poor Lippy has probably frozen in place [...]

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

Posted by Lisa on 03.10.06

Things are going slow but sure. I have been really good about avoiding the scale. Seems, for now at least, my obsession with the scale has subsided. I have stayed off all week long and today I did get on just to peek. I am down this week so far :) Our wall unit project [...]

Back on Track – Day #3

Posted by Lisa on 03.08.06

I still haven’t had alot of time to sit and go through the WW online website and all the tools and all that I now have access to, but I can tell you that I LOVE the online points tracker they have. Usually I’m either putting my points in my Palm, or using an Excel [...]

Oh Yeah :)

Posted by Lisa on 03.05.06

Today I joined Weight Watchers online. After seeing what it offers, I’m not all that sure it’s going to help me stay on track any more than I already do. But I haven’t gotten to sit and see all that the site offers yet, either. I think I just need some kind of actual activity [...]