Friday, July 13, 2012


Posted by Lisa on 09.30.03

Yaaay!!! I was down 2.8 lbs. tonight :) That puts me at 54.8 lbs. total :) :) 55 LBS!!! I’m so freaking on top of the world tonight…the numbers just keep moving downward!!! I haven’t seen these numbers on the scale, in I can’t even TELL you how long!!! I have NEVER lost this much [...]

MUCH better today

Posted by Lisa on 09.29.03

Last night and today have been SO much better and no more soreness…I must have really done some damage with the pain being so bad and lingering for so long…crazy!!! I spent tonight grouting a new hearth that we built in the living room. We bought a Pellet Stove about a month ago while they [...]


Posted by Lisa on 09.26.03

You don’t even understand how BAD I hurt. I haven’t been able to hardly WALK after Tuesday nights’ Elliptical BUTT-KICKING!!! I can’t hardly get down to sit on the potty, and getting up is an even bigger joke. The entire front of the tops of my legs are hurt SO badly. I truly overdid it. [...]

Weigh-In Day

Posted by Lisa on 09.23.03

Well…I didn’t weigh…I have been at a maintain all week and really wasn’t wanting to go in…weigh…be ‘blah’ about a 2 week maintain…so I didn’t weigh…I know…I suck… But…the Community Center where the meetings are held also has a gym, so while the meeting was going on, and for an hour AFTER the meeting was [...]

Not the best of days

Posted by Lisa on 09.21.03

eating, I mean. Today was Megan’s 1st birthday party and it was an awesome day…family, friends…what more could you ask for? How about NO cake, NO ice cream, NO sloppy joes, NO hot dogs…Yeah, I could have asked for all of that…instead, I had a day of no eating until the party, then I had [...]

10 Things To Remember to Help You Lose Weight

Posted by Lisa on 09.18.03

Found these HERE However much fiber you think you’re getting, double it. Ditto for green leafy vegetables. Fat is not your enemy, junk food is. They’re not the same thing. All carbs are not bad. But you’re probably eating way too much of the ones that are. Bagels are not a health food. If it [...]


Posted by Lisa on

Sorry I haven’t been too chatty here lately…things are pretty busy getting ready for Megan’s first Birthday this Sunday. I did all my running today for decorations/plates/cups/etc. and got her cake ordered. We are doing Winnie the Pooh….it’s really sweet…so I got her gifts today, and we’re all set except for food and I will [...]


Posted by Lisa on 09.16.03

Well, good news/bad news…Didn’t gain/Didn’t lose…PERFECT maintain…I was kinda bummed at first, but then my leader explained to me that that WILL happen after a huge loss like I had last week :) I lost 5.6 last week…so after she talked to me about that, I was ok…I did use a few of my flex [...]

Busy Day

Posted by Lisa on 09.13.03

Wanna see how I spent my Saturday so far??? ** Click Right Here To See ** I’m actually really happy how it turned out…as you can see, I’m not much afraid of color :) I have to tell you though, the walls don’t really ‘glow’ as the look like they do in the pictures…haha…the color [...]


Posted by Lisa on 09.11.03

Wow, yesterday I was dancin’ around the house with the girls (usual here…LOL) and was smackin my leg to the beat and GUESS WHAT?!?!?! My legs aren’t FLABBY!!!! How pathetic is this entry?!?!? ROFL…Seriously though, when I hit my leg, it was like, WHOA!!!! And the clincher was the very top of the back of [...]