Friday, July 13, 2012

Quick Post

Posted by Lisa on 06.29.03

Not alot of time right now for a full report/update…but I AM going to be back on the scale every week from now on…I had a nice break from it, and feel I need to get a bit serious about it again, and I can’t do that if I’m not weighing in…Right now I am [...]

Meggie’s Update

Posted by Lisa on 06.17.03

Sorry this has been more on a personal level here lately, instead of weight-related…things are just the same with my Weight Watchers…doing really well journaling and staying in points…although my water intake needed some work, I am doing better with that now :) And, while I’m still avoiding the scale, my clothes are fitting better!! [...]

Wanna Lose Weight???

Posted by Lisa on 06.14.03

GET OUTSIDE!!! I am NOT an outside person…I love being out there, but I can’t STAND the spiders and flying critters…but for some reason today, I ENJOYED being out there! I didn’t want to come in! Megan and Abbie were both napping, so I went out and helped Clint get the stall ready for our [...]

Never been so glad to have a day come to a close

Posted by Lisa on 06.13.03

Today has been…to put it nicely…plain hell. I’m so stressed. Megan had her EEG done yesterday. We got the results back today. Not good. They said the test results were ‘Not Normal’. Not something you want to hear about your baby :( I don’t quite understand what it all means as of yet, but they [...]

Updates seriously needed

Posted by Lisa on 06.11.03

Wow…I just realized how BADLY I have been neglecting my main LessLisa weight loss site. But, if I’m avoiding the scale, I guess there’s really not much to update there huh?? LOL…What a depressing hour I have just spent on the internet. I checked out my ‘Success’ link on my main site, it’s links I [...]

What do you call Gumby with a sprain???

Posted by Lisa on 06.10.03

CLAY AIKEN!!!! HA! (get it…’clay achin’????)…ya ya, I know… Not alot to report on my end, just wanting to check in…I’m on a roll, OP, exercising (did another 2 miles today) and keeing myself busy…things are looking up…*knock on wood* now If the scale cooperates in a few days I’ll be even happier :) :) [...]

Pretty quiet here

Posted by Lisa on 06.08.03

Sorry I haven’t been posting too much about the weight loss / exercise thing…not too much to chat about I guess, now that I’m avoiding the scale…LOL…I am still walking everyday and doing weights as often as I can…we are having a garage sale next weekend at my parents house, so getting ready for that [...]

Change of Plans

Posted by Lisa on 06.05.03

Well, we got a call first thing this morning that our insurance has denied coverage for Megan to have the hospital stay/testing done this weekend. Because it’s a hospital stay AND a video monitoring in addition to an EEG, they are refusing to cover it. The insurance wants a regular outpatient EEG done first, so [...]


Posted by Lisa on 06.04.03

I’m not going to be around much from here on out until at least Monday…Megan has to be going through her EEG and video monitoring and a couple of other tests during this next weekend…so I know I won’t have a chance to be on the computer… I have gone through all of Megan’s things, [...]

I did WHAT?!?!?!

Posted by Lisa on 06.03.03

Wow, I’m still a bit stunned and holding myself back from the piles…here’s the scoop…two words…GARAGE SALE!! We are having one in just over a week…not this weekend coming, but next. So…here’s the deal…I watched Dr. Phil yesterday (is it just me, or does he seem to be having ALOT of weight loss shows lately??) [...]