Friday, July 13, 2012


Posted by Lisa on 08.26.03

Well, I’m not as happy as I could have been, but I was still down. I was down 0.6 lbs. I’m not real sure how, as I walked over 15 miles in the past week alone, plus was on plan really good. Even on my HUNGRY days…I have a sneaking suspicion that TOM is coming [...]

More info on Flex Points

Posted by Lisa on

I have weigh-in tonight and I’m excited, both because I am down on the scale AND I get my new info in my hands on the Flex Points. Can’t wait…I need something to shake things up a bit. I have new clothes coming again today from JCPenneys…my parents gave me a gift certificate for there [...]

Down again and Blogs

Posted by Lisa on 08.25.03

Well, I’m sure most of you in the dieting-blog community have heard of the article that was being done for the New York Times on Diet Blogs…alot of people that I *know* on the net were contacted and interviewed for this article…and it’s out today :) Check it out!! Finding Comfort in Strangers With An [...]

New recipes added :)

Posted by Lisa on 08.24.03

I updated my main site last night, and added a few new recipes. I’m working on some new tips/tricks for staying active and avoiding food…hopefully will have that up in a few days. Quiet here again today…Clint is still working 12′s from the blackout…so it’s just me and the girls. I think we are going [...]

Reads & Hunger

Posted by Lisa on 08.23.03

I added a BUNCH of new reads to my list FINALLY…there are SO many new journals out there from women that have jumped on the weight-loss wagon :) :) It’s awesome to see so many people getting active!!! Love it! Now on to HUNGER…sheesh…I wanna take back my ‘I can’t fill my points’ comment in [...]


Posted by Lisa on 08.19.03

DOWN 3.8 :) :) :) I’m SO excited :) I am SO psyched that I’m back on the ball…I have had such a THIN-feeling day today…my shorts that I always wear kept FALLING DOWN…I have at LEAST 2″ in the waist TOO BIG…I feel AMAZING today :) :) :) :)


Posted by Lisa on 08.18.03

Had to dodge-em today…I just got back from a 2 mile walk (at my best time so far, I might add, YAY)…and it was like running hurdles with all the goose poops…LOL…there’s a pond near the track where I walk, so the geese do like to hang out…guess the grass isn’t good enough for their [...]

New Color

Posted by Lisa on 08.16.03

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that the writing was so hard to read here…thanks for the comments :) I hope this color is better now :) Wow, I had such a busy day…I have only used 10 points :( I’m having a hard time this round of WW, getting all of my points in…on Thursday, [...]

On the Dark Side

Posted by Lisa on 08.15.03

Yep, we were in the power outage…horrible…it was SO hot and muggy :( But we survived it just fine…:) It’s SOOO weird not having the simple things though…you walk in a room and still automatically hit a light switch, etc. LOL…all in all it was kinda nice though…no tv’s, no computer, no noise…just US…together :) [...]

Old Habits Die Hard

Posted by Lisa on 08.14.03

Wow…I seem to be mighty chatty lately, aye??? LOL…Well, I got my new clothes delivered today…I just went in to try them on. Now, if you remember, I had ordered 2 shirts and pants that were to fit me right now, and a Cardigan zip up sweater a size small so that I could fit [...]