Friday, July 13, 2012


Posted by Lisa on 02.28.03

Day #3 PERFECTLY OP…!!!! I am having to find things to fill my points again, just as I did when I first started WW :) :) That makes me feel AWESOME!!! Like I’m not overdoing it in the least. I just filled my points with a nice cold glass of milk. Was craving that today [...]

CD Swap :) :)

Posted by Lisa on 02.27.03

I forgot that I got the e-mail yesterday confirming the groups for the CD Swap :) :) I am in two different groups, and am burning 6 CD’s (all the same music), and in turn will also receive 6 new CD’s to work out to!!! I’m SOOOO excited to get mine out and get the [...]

DOWN down down down DOOOOWWWWNNNN!!!!

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Well…I’m THRILLED to report this morning that I am down 2 LBS.!!! I saw 248.5!! That means I need just 1.5 more by Monday, and I’ll be darned if I will let it pass this time…I wanna be at 246.5 or lower even!! LOL…I can’t WAIT to see what Monday brings. I have really been [...]

You know you’re a mom when…

Posted by Lisa on 02.26.03

Picture this…leaving the house, kids staying at home with daddy. Get in the car, driving down the road in the dark, jamming to your new 80′s “hair band” CD that you made. Reach over (in the dark) for the zipper on your purse, unzip it, find your tube of lipstick (it’s a squeeze tube) open [...]


Posted by Lisa on 02.25.03

My Tagboard is back :) :) :) Comment away!!!! :) :)

Tuesday This or That

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1. Holland or Netherlands? Ummm..Netherlands 2. Emu or Ostrich? Ostrich…I have never been quite sure what an Emu is…(are they the same things????) 3. Biff or Happy? Happy…have NO clue what ‘Biff’ is 4. Quincy or Braintree? again, HUH???? 5. Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali? Muhammad Ali 6. Instabul or Constantinople? Constantinople…more fun to say [...]

Quick P.S. ~

Posted by Lisa on 02.24.03

Tagboard should be back up soon…not sure what’s taking so long :( Sorry!!! :(

Up DoWn Up DoWn Up DoWn…

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My SCALE is Yo-Yo’ing not ME, right??? hee hee hee…I’m up 1.5 this week…no where NEAR as bad as I was expecting. I had said earlier I was over on points Friday big time…being so close to weigh in that really worried me. But I can handle 1.5. I have set a few new goals [...]

Progress Promts :)

Posted by Lisa on 02.23.03

Progress Prompts are early this week :) :) :) Did you take any PE (physical education) class when you were in school? Did you enjoy it? Were you athletically inclined? Have you ever participated in a team sport? In an individual sport? What sports have you tried, and what sport would you like to try/learn? [...]

Movie Review :)

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Three Words: Sweet Home Alabama!!! I rented it last night and just finished watching it for the third time…LOL…AWESOME movie…Clint even liked it :) We rented ‘Minority Report’ Friday night, with Tom Cruise…that was a WEIRD movie…I don’t know still if I liked it or not. Little to weird for me. It was good I [...]