Friday, July 13, 2012

Coming out from under my rock…

Posted by Lisa on 02.26.06

I won’t begin this post with yet another ‘I’m sorry I haven’t been around’ kinda deal. Things at work are beginning to be on a really nice even-keel. I am caught up on all of my work daily, and even have some time to spare on getting some small details taken care of and also [...]

Days go by…

Posted by Lisa on 02.14.06

Dear SP@MMERS ~ I have now deleted and blocked well over 300 sp@m comments. Take a hint. Your posts will not show up here. Move on. I do not have a penis, therefore I am not in need of any penis enlargement pills, and I guess that covers the need for Viagra as well. Thank [...]

Just a quick one…

Posted by Lisa on 02.07.06

I’m SOOOO sorry for my lack of posts…I really don’t have time right now to go into everything that’s been going on, so for a quick rundown… The stress at work was because our company was sold to another company. The fear of the unknown is the WORST. But the wonderful thing is, the new [...]