Friday, July 13, 2012

Stressed – Out Mommy Monday

Posted by Lisa on 08.28.06

Today has just been gut-wrenching.  BOTH of my girls are now officially in school.  Abbie started 2nd grade this morning and Megan started Pre-School (her school calls it ‘Beginners’ school)… Abbie did wonderful.  She got up, got all ready in the outfit she’s had picked out since the day we bought it, we did her [...]

Reason for no post yesterday…

Posted by Lisa on 08.24.06

My very legitimate reason for not posting yesterday???  Lack of ability for movement.  Kidding.  Damn was I sore yesterday.  I was tough girl on Tuesday after the ab workout Monday night.  I was a bit sorer (is that a word??) as the night went on Tuesday, but I went ahead and…get this…repeated the whole freaking [...]

I still owe you…

Posted by Lisa on 08.22.06

I know, I need to post pictures and updates about the latest road trip…You all know by now, it’ll be awhile…I will make it more of a priority…I love to post new pics…one thing that holds me back is the pictures of me that were taken (and probably will NOT get posted) look horrible compared [...]


Posted by Lisa on 08.15.06

Check this out –  I’m listed as #9 on their Top 11 Diet Blogs they ‘dig’ !!!  How exciting!!!  (Just scroll down on the main page and you will see their list :) )  I will write more later on our recent road trip, along with pictures!!!!!! 


Posted by Lisa on 08.11.06

Oh my gosh…kinda last minute, but we’re leaving in the morning to go and see my cousin Christy @ her college in Rochester, NY!!!  I’m soooo stinkin excited!!! Just to let any weirdos out there know, just cuz I’m announcing this, doesn’t mean my house will be empty…think BIG dog with sharp teeth who’s hungry [...]


Posted by Lisa on 08.07.06

Just an ‘I’m still here’ post…nothing very exciting is happening at this point.  Same ol’…I did find some great recipes today that I’m excited to try…they sound yummy….I will post pics, reviews and recipe after I try them :) I do have sunburn.  I was working outside yesterday for about 3-1/2 hours, mowing and cleaning [...]

I don’t WANNA!!!

Posted by Lisa on 08.04.06

I haven’t eaten hardly anything for the past couple of days…I think it’s just the heat.  Working out is getting to me too with the heat…but I’m doing it. Last night I came home from work, made dinner for Clint and the girls and I had some imitation lobster…got dishes done and sat in the [...]

Trainer showed!!

Posted by Lisa on 08.02.06

Alrighty then.  Uncle D came through.  He showed.  I’m SO friggin pumped right now, I feel like my skin is the only thing holding me together… I went out early and did all the warm-up stuff….jump rope, pole twists, arm circles, kickbacks, curls, and as I was doing my 2nd round of jump rope, Uncle [...]


Posted by Lisa on

Haven’t had alot to say lately…therefore, lack of posts…but it’s a good thing, things are going pretty smooth. Uncle D (trainer for boxing) is coming over tonight to work with me again…I’ve been on my own for about a month and a half.  He came over 3 weeks in a row, faithfully, and then he [...]