Friday, July 13, 2012

I may be a loser, but I’m no cheat

Posted by Lisa on 02.28.07

Well. I’m now one week into the challenge. 7 full days. I haven’t cheated, went over points, or been low on water ONE time this entire week. There were two days with no documented intentional exercise, but I haven’t spent one day doing nothing. I have kept myself moving and busy and it’s paying off. [...]

MUCH better…

Posted by Lisa on 02.25.07

Friday was my ‘off’ day. So no ‘gym horror stories’ from me. Saturday morning, 8 a.m., I met Mike at the gym and we worked on legs. When we were done, my legs would barely hold me and were so shaky, but it felt great!!! One other guy was in there, but when Mike is [...]

Are ‘take-backs’ allowed???

Posted by Lisa on 02.22.07

Yeah, that whole ‘I’m cool with the gym’ thing? gone. I went tonight again, and got to the gym area, checked out the nautilus room where the treadmills / lippys are and they were full, so I went to the free weights room. One guy in there. I coulda dealt with that I guess, but [...]

All by myself

Posted by Lisa on 02.21.07

I did it. I conquered the gym. I worked out for 45 minutes and I feel AMAZING. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5 MPH…I did weights for the other 25 minutes. It was so nice because the free weights room was empty, just what I needed. I went in and did all [...]

Season opener.

Posted by Lisa on

Let me just say, movement is heaven. My arm has FINALLY loosened up to where I can straighten it out. The pain was so bad yesterday morning when I woke up that I could have tossed my breakfast. It gave me headaches practically all day. Then I got pissed enough over the pain to force [...]

aw hell.

Posted by Lisa on 02.19.07

I. can’t. straighten. my. arms. out. ow. anyone who’s asked for the blinkies … I can’t find them!!! I’m so bugged. I am going through my old computer to find them and will put them up as a .zip file for you to download yourself…as soon as I can, I’ll post and let you know [...]

First day in the gym…

Posted by Lisa on 02.17.07

I got a phone call last night about 6 or so and it was my neighbor, Mike, the one that’s helping me with the weight training. He heads to the gym every Saturday morning to be there at 8 a.m. when they open (the same gym I will be at for the Biggest Loser Challenge). [...]

At least I’m able to type!

Posted by Lisa on 02.11.07

So, in order to prepare for the Biggest Loser Challenge that I signed up for, I mentioned that my neighbor is going to get me going on the weight training. He came over this morning for the first time and we worked my arms tremendously. Today was more learning for me, and not what my [...]

Biggest Loser…Ohio Style

Posted by Lisa on 02.05.07

Here in my little town, we don’t have any ‘big name’ gyms. We have one Curves and one Community Center with a nice gym access. They have a free weights room, and the other kind of weights room (the not-free-weights-ones) I forget what that’s called. Anyways, I called the Community Center to find out if [...]