Friday, July 13, 2012


Posted by Lisa on 04.30.06

I have been so up and down emotionally lately. Even a lady at work noticed it, although she wasn’t very ‘nice’ about asking me if I was ok. She blurted out ‘Are you MENTAL’?? So I shot back with a nasty ‘What the Hell??’ she goes ‘ you just seem happy one minute and stressed [...]

Happy Friday!!!

Posted by Lisa on 04.28.06

What a freakin’ sweet day. It’s Friday. My weight has maintained. Hoping for SOME kind of loss by Monday, but it’s the numbers aren’t climbing, so that’s always a plus!! I can tell a difference in my clothes as well. They are fitting comfortably, some so comfortably they are baggy. So at least now I [...]

Who WAS that girl??

Posted by Lisa on 04.25.06

I hate when I post downers…few days later when things blow over, I feel like I made a bigger deal than it really was. But it was honest, and what I was feeling, and I guess that’s what this place is about. Things have gotten much better. When I mentioned that the scale could go [...]

Kind of a downer…

Posted by Lisa on 04.20.06

This post may not be completely happy. Prepare yourselves. On the diet front, I’m still doing ok. I am sticking to points, focusing more on lower-carb foods, but staying within points of course. I have gotten in some really great exercise daily. Thing is?? PCOS symptoms are worse than ever, and the scale?? It can [...]

Drum roll, puh-leeze!!!

Posted by Lisa on 04.10.06

Just a quick post with weigh-in…I may be back later with a fuller update… I am down 3.5 lbs. this week!!! 254.5 down from 258 last week. I am holy crappa happy.

Looking forward to this week…

Posted by Lisa on 04.09.06

Yesterday’s Reverse Raffle that we went to was fun :) I’m sure I made up the lack of points this week in the alcohol consumption, but it was a blast. I chose one piece of baked chicken, 1/2 of a small potato, salad with no cheese and light dressing and one thin slice of bread [...]

Have a seat…

Posted by Lisa on 04.07.06

I am feeling chatty, have alot on my mind, so pull up a chair. A quick YAY ME. Normal day, me and Meggie @ work, then picked up Abbie from school instead of Clint because he had to work late. We met him at Bob Evans for dinner. I had only had 9 pts. before [...]

Moving right along…

Posted by Lisa on 04.06.06

Love when the motivation lasts more than an hour. Two days now. TWO. DAYS. I feel great :) Pathetic, huh? I have changed the 2nd link ^ up there ^ from the challenge page I had set up to now show my daily activity. It lists the date, my points for the day, activity points [...]


Posted by Lisa on 04.05.06

No. Guilt. And. Move. On. I have been lax. Major. I gained back one pound this week. Doesn’t seem like a ton, but when you are trying to lose weight for what seems like constantly, your whole life, eternity (you get the picture), that is just one more pound you have to RE-tackle. Oh well. [...]