Friday, July 13, 2012

Euh the Wonder Dieter.

Posted by Lisa on 12.29.05

Euh. That’s my nickname. Among others. Did I ever mention that here before?? Euh (pronounced E as in the letter and uh rhyming with ‘duh’…euh) has stuck with me since my little brother (2 years younger) was able to say my name. Instead of Lisa it would come out Euh. Most of the family still [...]

Avoiding the scale would be good here…

Posted by Lisa on 12.26.05

Christmas was amazing. Christmas Eve was at our house, full of family, alcohol and fun :) Christmas morning was just so exciting. We all had a blast. Spent the entire day in our jammies and played. Today, more of the same, but today, as an added bonus, we took showers. Among other things, Clint and [...]

Can’t stand the excitement…

Posted by Lisa on 12.24.05

We got our entire house cleaned and ready today. Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, my family and Clint’s dad and step-mom are coming over, and I can’t believe our house is ready. I’m a last-minute kinda girl…like I’m still cleaning and/or getting myself ready as guests are arriving. Not THIS year!! I’m stoked. So I won’t be [...]

So much going on, I have no idea what to title this…

Posted by Lisa on 12.21.05

My arms are weak, if I wasn’t in this computer chair, my legs would have me on the floor, it hurts like HELL to breathe…I am officially withdrawing my application to The Biggest Loser. Take my advice, when Jenn said she literally HURT to walk the next day after doing the TBL workout DVD…take the [...]

‘Shipped’ is such a lovely word…

Posted by Lisa on

Just saw on the Shop NBC site that my The Biggest Loser Workout DVD has been SHIPPED. I cannot freaking wait. I got ALL…yes, every single piece…of Abbie’s Christmas gifts wrapped tonight. I’m SO excited, seeing as how last year on Christmas Eve, I was up until after 2:00 a.m. wrapping EVERYTHING. This feels like [...]

New order placed.

Posted by Lisa on 12.18.05

Ok, after reading Jenn’s reviews about The Biggest Loser Workout DVD, and how much her body is hurting from it…I went to ShopNBC and ordered it myself. It is due to arrive on Friday the 23rd. Hope so :) I am still fighting with the same ONE pound. Yesterday I was back down to 249, [...]

Calibrating the scale…my way

Posted by Lisa on 12.14.05

Monday’s weigh-in didn’t pan out anything pretty. Actually it was UP to 250. Only one pound, but STILL. So, I decided that my scale MUST be broken (either that or it’s gonna die a nasty untimely death)…so I called Abbie in. She’s 7 and is too young yet to loathe the scale, so she was [...]


Posted by Lisa on 12.10.05

I have to say, even while typing last night’s entry, I was sitting here thinking ‘the scale’s not moving, what I’m doing obviously isn’t working, so what can I dive into in the kitchen???’… This girl shut down the computer and jumped in bed. I am still in ‘stunned’ mode this morning. That would have [...]

Hold me back…

Posted by Lisa on 12.09.05

That’s right…someone better hold me back, cuz I’m gonna smash the friggin thing. You guys, I’m doing SO good! Really I am!! I am eating awesome, stopping eating before 6:00 p.m. (actually I haven’t eaten after 4:30 p.m. for the past 3 days) drinking water, and I have been on Lippy faithfully EVERY stinking day [...]

Never, under ANY circumstances…

Posted by Lisa on 12.07.05

NeVeR…trust a small metal box that screams nasty numbers. Reason for late weigh in: Flu. F-L-FREAKIN-U…I was so sick Sunday and Monday with the flu that I went from 4:30 p.m. on Sunday until 8:00 p.m. Monday without eating and ‘getting rid’ of anything that was in my stomach before that. So Monday I didn’t [...]