Friday, July 13, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday

Posted by Lisa on 03.12.03

Here it is for this week, with some help from Mallory…I’ll be back later for a regular journal entry!!! 1. What is scary about losing weight? I think the scariest thing for me is actually being able to accept the fact that I AM getting smaller…you get so used to that ‘stay in the house/keep [...]

New Domain :) :)

Posted by Lisa on 03.11.03

Thanks to Jana I now am working on getting my own domain!! My new page is going to be!!! I will post again when it’s all set and moved :) :) So get ready to change your bookmarks!!!!!

Tuesday This or That

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Here’s this weeks questions!!! I will be back later to post :) :) 1. Married or single? Married….over 10 years :) :) 2. Knit or crochet? Crochet…don’t know how to knit 3. Homebody or world traveller? Homebody and ‘close-to-home traveler’…hahah 4. “Star Search” or “American Idol”? American Idol for sure :) 5. Dancing or karaoke? [...]


Posted by Lisa on 03.09.03

Here’s this weeks Progress Prompts…and a good one, I might add :) You have a lot to be grateful for as you lose weight, become active and feel good about yourself. Write a gratitude journal entry. Wow, since I just hit my 50 lbs. gone, I truly am grateful for ALOT of things because of [...]


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Just testing the dividers between my messages… :)


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I’m down ANOTHER 3 LBS. this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes 53 lbs. gone FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! I think I’m in like ‘sticker shock’…hahahaha…I had to get back on the scale 5 times this morning, as I was in SHOCK over the number on it!!!! I just can’t get over this!! :) :) :) I can honestly say though, [...]

New Weigh-in Day…

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Well, I’m changing my weigh-in day once again…it’s going to be on Sundays now instead of Mondays…it’s very hard for me to be up early enough before Clint leaves for work to nurse Megan both sides, and of course go potty before he leaves…I always do all this before I weigh-in, and I’d like to [...]

More Blinkies :)

Posted by Lisa on 03.07.03

I made a few more of the ‘I’ve lost *** lbs!’ blinkies tonight :) They are located down below under the ‘blinkies’ link :) I have one blinkie for every pound up to 60 lbs. lost!! :) I hope to get the rest done soon!! Enjoy!!!


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You all HAVE to try this!!!!!!!! Click here to see ~ The Flash Mind Reader HEE HEE HEE…I’ve been doing it for awhile now :) Pretty cool…I know there’s a math trick, but it’s still freaky :) :)

A New Day, A New Thought :)

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Well, after getting some rest last night, getting up this morning and re-reading last nights post about the ‘shallow-ness’ of people only noticing me now after losing weight…I think I was dumb to write that…LOL…Seriously though…I wasn’t happy with ME 50 lbs. ago, so why should I think anyone else would have been happy with [...]