Friday, July 13, 2012

Portion control…

Posted by Lisa on 01.24.06

Wouldn’t you know it…the day after weigh in and this morning I see 249.5 again :) (That’s another 1 lb. loss since yesterday if you are counting…) I am seriously attributing this past weeks loss to portion control. I know I was under a TON of stress last week, and that caused my appetite to [...]

What a week…

Posted by Lisa on 01.23.06

Work stress has finally lifted just a bit. I am not kidding when I say last night was the first night’s sleep I have had in 5 days. I close my eyes to try and sleep and I see numbers from work, and just cannot get it all out of my head. It’s been awful. [...]

Still going :)

Posted by Lisa on 01.19.06

Just in case you thought I have gone AWOL, thought I should post… Everything is still going really good, except for the fact that Lippy’s fix-her-parts won’t be here until at least tomorrow. I’m having withdrawls big time. Can’t wait to have my girl back. I have also missed out on the past 2 nights [...]

TBL Challenge Week #2 Day #1 & weigh in

Posted by Lisa on 01.16.06

Evening update ~ I have updated my challenge page, my weight page and all of the ‘stat’ information on my main page. It is all actual numbers now. I hadn’t changed anything at all over the Christmas holiday. I had gained during that time and lost a few then gained a few back. Played with [...]

TBL Challenge ~ Week 1, day #5

Posted by Lisa on 01.13.06

R.I.P. Lippy (2005-2006)… Well, at least until possibly next Friday. I mentioned how it was making a clunking noise. Well, the crank in the back end broke. Completely. Clint took it apart and checked it out and found it. We got the part ordered through, but it won’t be here till Friday. If you [...]

Just another addiction – TBL challenge, week 1, day 5

Posted by Lisa on

Anyone else getting the shakes when staying off the scale for more than 24 hours?? I didn’t get a chance to update my TBL challenge chart, but last night is going to be marked as my ‘rest’ day. It was not a ‘do nothing’ night by any means, but I started a project, and didn’t [...]

TBL Challenge ~ Week 1, day #3

Posted by Lisa on 01.11.06

I updated my challenge page with todays workout. I did my TBL workout, and got on Lippy for 11 minutes and she started making a weird thumping noise in the back end. Lost is on tonight, so Clint wants to wait till tomorrow night after work to see what is wrong with it. I got [...]

Challenge update

Posted by Lisa on 01.10.06

Not a real exciting day, so I’ll leave you with this… I updated my Challenge page for todays exercise/workout. I kicked ass boo-tay (for Jenn) today. I did my TBL workout as soon as I got home (40 minutes), then I went for a 2 mile walk OUTSIDE…so nice (33 minutes), AND I did 30 [...]

Monkey see, monkey do…

Posted by Lisa on 01.09.06

Two posts in one day. One way to tell I’m on track. Today was an inspirational one for me. The changes I’m making in myself seem to be trickling down the family line in my house. I did my The Biggest Loser (which will be known as TBL from here on out) workout DVD and [...]

Who am I?

Posted by Lisa on

Have you ever watched WE (Women’s Entertainment) channel on TV??? I was watching it the other day and saw a preview for a show called ‘Secret Lives of Women’. There are several topics this show covers but this one in particular was on eating disorders. So I DVR’d (like TiV0) it so I could watch [...]