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TGIF - better already

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Today is much better than yesterday. Already. I am wound. I have all this energy and it feels amazing. I’m down a pound so far this week now, that could be contributing to it. I’m all ansy sitting at my desk and keep getting up to run around and help people with other stuff. One guy is cleaning his office, so I’m running up and down the stairs taking old stuff to another empty office…just crap like that. And I’m addicted to my pedometer. I keep checking # of steps everytime I come back down. Can we say ‘wack-job’?

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  1. Stephanie said,

    on March 12th, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Lisa,
    I am glad you are feeling a little better today. YUCK what a way to have your day go at work. I hate when people feel the need to talk about someone else but, they can’t say it in front of that someone else! If you feel strongly enough to say it at all, then have the courtesy to say it to the person it involves.
    I agree with your assessment of yourself too. You are happy, cheery, upbeat and all of that. Don’t forget, motivated, strong (mentally and physically), very family focused and supportive to other people!
    When we hear something good about ourselves, I think we automatically discount it because we don’t have the same opinion of ourselve in that internal dialogue that never seems to shut off. However, when someone says something negative about us, that internal jerk says “yep that’s what I have been telling you!” We think we are (and we are probably right) our own worst critics but, then we hear some nasty opinion of us from someone else and it’s like “hey, I didn’t even THINK about that!”
    Don’t let that stuff weigh you down. Keep using it to motivate you. Look how great you did at turning that negativity around and focusing it on HELPING you! You are doing so great, keep it up.

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