Friday, July 13, 2012

Living in the past

Posted by Lisa on 05.30.03

I have been doing this ALOT lately…continuously thinking of the ‘me’ that ‘used to be’…complete with the way I used to carry myself, and how I would hardly EVER eat (I was so skinny…) and I was just so much more at peace with myself. I have been wanting that ‘me’ back SO badly lately…I [...]


Posted by Lisa on 05.25.03

Ya’ll are gonna smack me, but I didn’t weigh in this morning…truthfully, I forgot to…but…after my last posts here, that is a GOOD thing…hahah…even though it’s my weigh-in day, I have already gotten myself to stop stepping on the scale everyday, today included…hahah..DUH…oh well…I haven’t been on the scale in probably 3 or 4 days…that’s [...]

Back to the purpose :)

Posted by Lisa on 05.21.03

Well, now that we aren’t so worried about Miss Meggie…things are getting back to normal, and that includes my eating… Clint and I were heading to bed last night, and I climbed in bed, he headed for the bathroom, and when he came out and got in bed, he said ‘I hate that scale sometimes’…(I [...]

Update on Megan

Posted by Lisa on 05.18.03

I’m SO sorry that it’s taken me so long to update…this weekend (starting Thursday) has been hectic, as you can imagine. I do want to thank ALL of you who have tagged/commented/e-mailed/called me…your thoughts and prayers mean more to me than you can imagine :) :) :) So, after the emergency room trip on Thursday, [...]


Posted by Lisa on 05.15.03

Whatever you believe, whatever feels best for you, whether it be saying a prayer for us, to just keeping us in your thoughts, I need to ask that you do this for Megan. Today we had to rush her to the ER, because it seems she is having seizures :( Long story short (it’s late [...]

Ready for the weekend?!?!?

Posted by Lisa on

My mom is on vacation this week and next, so I’m in the office both weeks EVERYDAY with both kids…Abbie has pre-school on M-W-F but it’s been very tiring…I usually am only in the office on M-W-F and work from home on Tues & Wed…you wouldn’t think 2 more days would make that much difference…LOL…So, [...]


Posted by Lisa on 05.12.03

Well, my whole site got lost, and I have lost ALL of my entries except for what is before sometime in March… :( Sorry :( I’m working on getting my site back to how it’s supposed to look, so bear with the fixin’ up with me if ya would…


Posted by Lisa on

Just testing for you Lisa! :o)