Friday, July 13, 2012


Posted by Lisa on 10.13.03

Yeah…you know…those dreaded plastic, cold, hard, NARROW lawn chairs that are only made for people with narrow ‘arses’…I HATE them…I hate going to parties and *trying* to sit in them…you just have that *feeling* that when you stand up, the sucker is gonna STILL be stuck to your butt…some of you HAVE to know what [...]

NSV for ME!!!

Posted by Lisa on 10.08.03

We went to Dick’s sporting goods store tonight because they have tree stands on sale and clint wanted one for hunting…anyways, I was bored in camo-land and walked around the REGULAR-SIZED ladies clothing…I found a really cute light pair of black workout pants…not nylon, just very soft light weight…they are an XL…I held them up [...]

I beat the M&M attack…

Posted by Lisa on

First, for those of you who check my main weight loss site…my weigh-in chart is incorrect…I have 249.4 as my current weight and it’s actually 239.4 Nice huH??? LOL…I don’t know how I missed it, but thanks Jana for letting me know :) Now…the stinkin’ M&M’s…they are in one of those little machines like you [...]


Posted by Lisa on 10.07.03

Last week I lost 2.8 and this week I’m down ANOTHER 2.8 !!!! I’m so excited…just under 6 lbs in 2 weeks.. :) :) I hit my *mini* goal of being in the 230′s this week, and even though I *squeaked* in, I’M THERE :) :) :) I’m so excited…and you will probably hear this [...]

28.25 !!!!

Posted by Lisa on 10.05.03

I just re-took my measurements!!! August 26th was the last time I took them, and at that time I was down 21.25 :) WELL, tonight I took them again and I’m down another 7 INCHES!!!!! YES!!!!!! 28.25 TOTAL!!!!! I’m so stinking excited!!!!! Well, except 3.5 of it is in my BOOBS :( I so a’cited…I [...]

New Pictures…

Posted by Lisa on 10.04.03

I went today and had my hair cut and colored and when I went to write my check, I took out my driver’s license (from September 2001) and gave it to the guy that did my hair and he goes ‘No WAY is that you!!!’….hahaha…so I thought about it on the way home, and even [...]

Who invited HER?!?!?!

Posted by Lisa on 10.01.03

My dear ‘monthly friend’ that is…kinda weird…I had NO symptoms of it coming on this month…usually I have ONE day where I want to rip everyone’s face off…and one day of HUNGER HUNGER HUNGER…this month…NOTHING…and today…she’s here :) What’s even cooler is I weighed in yesterday with the 2.8 loss, and started today :) VERY [...]