Friday, July 13, 2012

A little fun…

Posted by Lisa on 01.31.07

The rule is, I’m supposed to tag 5 or 6 others, but I’ll let you decide if you want to play…leave me a comment if you do, so I can come and find out about you…I don’t normally do these, but Jana tagged me to play, and you could learn some scary interesting things about [...]

‘Wonder Twin powers, DE-activate!’

Posted by Lisa on 01.25.07

I have de-activated a plug-in that I had set up that was to close old posts to comments, and I think it was messing up the ability to post other places. Please let me know if you still have trouble posting comments, and I will sick Jana on it !!!

Skwigg Lesson #1

Posted by Lisa on 01.24.07

Let me introduce you to Skwigg, aka Renee ~ Skwigg’s World. I was an avid reader of her site some time ago, lost my bookmark, and found her again just a couple of days ago, and the timing couldn’t have been any better. I e-mailed her yesterday describing pretty much what I’ve posted here in [...]

On a postive…

Posted by Lisa on 01.23.07

I wanted to end today on a positive note. I have another great day under my belt. I did my workout, and I’m not feeling 100% but I had a small bowl of ice cream with a TBSP of peanut butter mixed in, seeings how I was WAY under points, and hoping some protein in [...]

Maybe I should express more

Posted by Lisa on

Seriously. Maybe I need to express my feelings more. Maybe I need to get angry. Maybe that will help?! You know how you see dieting people depicted on TV as grumpy, crabby people who, as soon as the cameras are turned off, probably shoot daggers out of their eyes and into the cameraman’s body?!? Maybe [...]


Posted by Lisa on 01.22.07

Can we please make weekends ‘optional’ for dieters? Please? Pretty freakin’ please?!?! I completely sucked this weekend. Yet again, today, is another ‘start again’ day. I can’t even begin to imagine what you all must think when you come here. ‘Here she goes again, can’t keep on track, has to start over every damn week’…believe [...]

Leave one…

Posted by Lisa on 01.21.07

I switched themes – again – and since Jana fixed my site, everyone *should* be able to read it fine, but PLEASE if you are having ANY trouble with viewing it, leave me a comment so I can try and figure it out…I’m hoping it’s all good! Thanks!!!

Tummies & Ta-Ta’s

Posted by Lisa on 01.20.07

(changed the title of this post to ward off all of the porn searchers that are reaching my site with the Belly & (other word for ta-ta’s) searches…it’s a little oogie) Disney World in the fall is goal #1 to work towards. 2nd and final goal? Belly & boobs. I had a heart to heart [...]

I’m feelin’ it!

Posted by Lisa on 01.17.07

Another great day so far. Yesterday I did amazing, stuck with my Points got in some exercise, drank over 100 oz. of water…what more could you ask for??? I know I talked about this before, so here is a screen shot of my food tracker that I made in Excel: The cottage cheese and pear [...]


Posted by Lisa on 01.15.07

Alrighty. Thanks to Jana my site should now be visible by IE, FireFox, etc. The theme is a bit different, but it’s looking kinda cute. Also, please don’t forget to read the previous posts and add your favorite workout music in the comments. Myself and others are looking forward to seeing a mix of music!!!

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