Friday, July 13, 2012

Lots ‘o stuff runnin through this head…

Posted by Lisa on 11.30.05

Quite a few things to talk about tonight… 1. Meggie’s comment on my before/now pictures 2. New Digital Camera 3. Record workout 4. Biggest FREAKIN Loser Finale Meggie’s comments on my before/now pictures…I wanted to mention this before and keep forgetting…so here it is. When I posted my before/now picture in the post a few [...]

The. Holidays.

Posted by Lisa on 11.27.05

Food. Why the FRIG do we celebrate with FOOD. Is that NOT why I have this journal? Is that not the exact thing that I have been trying to limit and count and avoid with all I have in me? Then TurkeyDay. Ok. So at the actual Thanksgiving dinner with my family, I truthfully made [...]


Posted by Lisa on 11.20.05

Seriously, the ‘now’ picture of me looked better to me in the camera…now I’m not too crazy about it. Figures. My before (around 295 lbs.) and me now in the brown sweater and before the eyebrow disaster (248 lbs.)…49 lbs. lost. Dear God, PLEASE let there be a difference: Ok, so I’m still not thrilled [...]

Strange things are happening here…

Posted by Lisa on

First and foremost. I have overplucked. I now have a temporarily-permanent look of surprise. I am waiting for my mom to e-mail me the ‘now’ picture that she took of me…it turned out kinda cute, so I wanna use that one for my most recent photo. I will hopefully update with photos in just a [...]

Another suitable ‘before’ photo

Posted by Lisa on 11.17.05

I will post this photo when I get home, I promise, but I had to tell the story of what happened to me about an hour ago. A lady we work with asked my mom to get some photos of some of our co-workers. This lady is crafty and has something up her sleeve, so [...]

Just a quickie

Posted by Lisa on 11.16.05

My total minutes for today’s challenge day : 0 minutes. Total Activity Points earned : 0 Total Steps (pedometer): 6,019 Total Points Used: 26 (26 is target) Total minutes for the AKC week: 115 minutes (Monday 70 min; Tuesday 45 min; Wednesday 0 min) Listened to my body tonight and skipped the workout time. One [...]

AKC Day #2

Posted by Lisa on 11.15.05

WOOT. Nother day down and it was indeed a good one :) I’m a little fiesty tonight (in a good sense). You have been warned, as I don’t know what will come out of me here. So today. Here are my totals. My total minutes for today’s challenge day : 45 minutes. Total Activity Points [...]

Ass Kicking Challenge – Day #1

Posted by Lisa on 11.14.05

Today is the first day of what will from here on out be known as the AKC … Ass Kicking Challenge. This is something that Jenn (from Against the Odds) and Karen (who I have as a constant daily e-mail supporter) and I are all doing for this next week. Today was Day #1. Just [...]

‘LessLisa’ is now ‘LessEnthused’

Posted by Lisa on 11.11.05

Crappy weeks. We all have them. This is mine. I feel a long rambly post coming on…have a seat… I haven’t journaled in 3 days. I’m not thirsty in the least, so my water intake has also sucked. Exercise is for the birds. Now the exercise there is a good reason. It’s actully just the [...]

Weigh In Day

Posted by Lisa on 11.07.05

.: Grumble Grumble Scowl:. I had a loss…a total of 6 lbs. That is for just over 2 weeks time. So not bad…I am happy that it’s such a good loss. HOWEVER. I missed my 50 lbs. by ONE pound. So I was really hoping to see that this morning. I was 1/2 lb. under [...]