Friday, July 13, 2012

Today’s Weigh-IN

Posted by Lisa on 12.31.02

0.2 – 2/10 – 0.nothing :) :) ROFL…That’s ALL I gained today :) 0.2 lbs.!!! I was SO excited…I knew I was back to where I was 2 weeks ago (no weigh-in last week) and I am :) :) Yeah Me :) :) Now that the tempting holidays are over with, I shouldn’t be so [...]

Comment Error…

Posted by Lisa on

I wanted to let you all know that if you leave me a comment and you get a weird error, don’t worry, it still shows up :) So just hit the ‘Post Comment’ button once and it will register it…I hope to figure out the problem soon…but for now, that will work fine :) :) [...]

5 a.m.?!?!?!?

Posted by Lisa on

*I’m a little tired…a little wired….* (my best ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ impression…ROFL…man it’s too early) 5 A.M.?!?!?!?! That’s when I got up…been up since…LOL…I am WIRED this morning and haven’t got a clue as to WHY… hee hee I got up weighed myself, nursed Megan, and weighed myself again…down 1 lb. from first weigh…hahaha…I [...]

Downward Scale :) :)

Posted by Lisa on 12.30.02

Downward Scale :) :) Those are some NICE words huh?? LOL…My scale is FINALLY on the descend today :) Down one pound…one more to go and I’m back where I was…’s not ‘official’ till tomorrow…possibly tonight…I’m not sure what meeting I will be going to yet…so I may have an update tonight…I just dread going [...]

My Girls :)

Posted by Lisa on 12.29.02

Me again :) I just wanted to pop on here and let you all ‘meet’ my girls :) Most of you were here throughout my pregnancy, and I know you have heard so much about Abbie and Megan both, so here they are finally :) Abbie is now 4 and Megan is 3 months :) [...]

The Answer!

Posted by Lisa on

Well, I found the answer to WHY my scale is up about 2 lbs. :) I have started my period…LOL (sorry to any men that read this by chance!!! hee hee)…I am breastfeeding exclusively, and yet, I have gotten my first period. Now, when I wasn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t have a period for anything when [...]

Feeling a bit more ‘me’… :)

Posted by Lisa on 12.28.02

Feeling a bit more ‘me’ today :) I’m back on track and OP 100% so far, and that will NOT change today…I’m feeling positive again today :) :) We took Abbie to the mall yesterday that’s about an hour away from us. She got $25.00 from her grandpa for Christmas, so she wanted to go [...]


Posted by Lisa on 12.26.02

BLOATED?!?!?! That BETTER be what’s going on…LOL…I’m up another lb. today on my scale…I was completely NOT OP yesterday and today both…dangit…but, I know why…I haven’t journaled either day…my own fault, and it’s back to the grind tomorrow morning first thing :) NGAMO, right?? (no guilt, and move on)…it was Christmas and I said I [...]


Posted by Lisa on 12.25.02

HO! HO! HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Just wanted to pop on here and wish you all the best Holiday!!! I hope it’s filled with love, family and low-fat foods!! (yeah, right!! on the food, huh??)…hahahah We had our Christmas this morning, and what a wonderful time we had :) Abbie dove into everything, and was so [...]

Bad, bad, me…

Posted by Lisa on 12.23.02

Bad, Bad, Me… I didn’t go to weigh-in tonight…I am wanting to slap myself, but I am just TOO swamped with last-minute things to have ready…we are hosting Christmas Eve dinner here tomorrow…It will be us (Clint, me, Abbie, and Megan), my mom and dad and Clint’s dad and step-mom…will be a great day, but [...]