Friday, July 13, 2012

The Good Ol’ Days

Posted by Lisa on 07.30.03

Remember the days of me being here EVERYDAY and posting faithfully???? heh heh heh I have been kicking some serious BOO-TAY on the activity front…I am ALWAYS doing SOMETHING…I have been walking at LEAST 10 miles per week (usually 2 miles each time)…plus doing weights at night after Meggie’s in bed…plus the whole ‘Have – [...]


Posted by Lisa on 07.24.03

Man…I can’t seem to eat enough today!! So of COURSE I’m over points for the first time in over a week…I’m beginning to wonder if it is my metabolism picking up since I have been exercising/walking so much…anyone experience this?? I might actually HAVE a metabolism, aye?!?!? *grin* Got this in an e-mail today and [...]

Fine & Dandy

Posted by Lisa on 07.23.03

I apologize once again for the delay between posts. Nothing really to give as an excuse…basically I have just been avoiding the computer (only because I have to SIT STILL to be here…LOL) I am PROUD to say that I am SERIOUSLY back on the ball, and doing AWESOME. At 9:00 a.m. this morning, I [...]

On The Road Again

Posted by Lisa on 07.18.03

Wow…being back OP and working out is AMAZING!!!! I wish I would have never lost this feeling to begin with. It hit me last night, do you realize that I could be SOOO close to goal right now if I would have stuck with this????? *SMACK* What on EARTH was I thinking?? LOL…oh well…I’m back [...]

Weigh In Wednesday

Posted by Lisa on 07.16.03

Wow, haven’t done any participation in a LONG time…so here’s today WIW :) Has your weight or your health held you back from anything? This is interesting…I don’t actually blame my WEIGHT for holding me back…I blame ME for LETTING my weight hold me back. I have missed out on ALOT in the past 8-10 [...]

I’M BACK!!!!

Posted by Lisa on

And in full swing ahead!!!! I had an AWESOME day yesterday….stuck with good eating, not enough water, but alot….and I WORKED OUT!!!! I feel so good this morning! I had just over 36 minutes of solid exercise last night…doesn’t sound like much when I read others that work out over an hour a day, but [...]

I’m still here

Posted by Lisa on 07.06.03

Sorry for my site being down for a few days…my site was switched to a new server, and it took longer than I thought it would to get back up and running, but all is fine now :) Well, here’s a not-so-great update on me, which has a good ending though, in a way… Well, [...]