Friday, July 13, 2012

Since this is a weight loss site and all…

Posted by Lisa on 07.29.06

I thought I would post this picture…I took the picture, in the previous post, of the new ‘do and put it with the horrible ‘before’ picture…check this out…    Holy crap it doesn’t even LOOK like me…what a nasty nerdy before…and it’s weird, but even though I can physically see such a difference here, I [...]

New ‘Do

Posted by Lisa on 07.28.06

Went today FINALLY and got my hair cut…just had her trim it up a bit, as I’m loving having longer hair again, so she did some cute layers and some side swiping bangs…thought I would post a picture :)  Are ya shocked?!?!?!         

Me again…

Posted by Lisa on 07.24.06 post #2 for today.  I re-read and re-read what I posted earlier and I think I need to post something positive to smother the crabiness that I am today… Two things that I have accomplished / changed lately that I never thought I would see happen for a very long time. #1 ~ I [...]

…one smart man…

Posted by Lisa on

My husband, that is… After being PMS’y and bloated and feeling like all I have done in the past two months is coming UN-done, my husband wittingly says to me… ‘No one else can see the numbers on that scale…all they see is how you look…’ I was given some words of wisdom yesterday that [...]

!!! Picture Time !!!

Posted by Lisa on 07.19.06

I know, COMPLETE shocker.  Go clean your drawers, I’ll wait.  Ok…so, after MONTHS of promising pics…I’m finally doing it.  They are mostly of me, my body parts (no we won’t go porn-ish, don’t worry), my boxing area in the shop (our building out back), stuff like that… we go… These first two are just a [...]

A look ahead to the weekend…

Posted by Lisa on 07.12.06

So.  Things are still going strong here, although I’m not ‘feeling’ as thin as I was…could possibly be the ‘monthly’ craptime to blame.  My boobs are hurtin…sorry TMI I’m sure.  But I’m thinking that’s why I don’t feel so thin right now.  Other than that, workouts are still going strong…I LOVE sweating.  When I get [...]

What was that???

Posted by Lisa on 07.07.06

You guys…this sounds crazy even for me to write this…but guess what I felt last night while lying in bed…  Ok…BESIDES that!  HA! I freaking laid on my back and my hand brushed my hip…lo and behold I have a HIP BONE!!!  That was THE coolest feeling ever.  I have some definition happening in my [...]

… If I didn’t already have this site …

Posted by Lisa on 07.05.06

Here is where I would be … Extra Pounds Any of you who have yet to build a weight loss page and have wanted to *HINT HINT KAREN COUGH COUGH* you HAVE to check this site out…it’s SIMPLE to use (I signed up just because I wanted to check out their weight loss tickers)…and has [...]

Oh yeah????

Posted by Lisa on 07.01.06

Frig the scale. Today is the day. I think the first sentence says it all.  I’m ok though.  In the last month I only lost 2 lbs.  The WHOLE freaking month.  Thing is, I have been working my ass off.  So you wanna hear my measurement total loss?? Huh?  Do ya?  Do ya??? In ONE [...]