Friday, July 13, 2012

Finally a quick update on me :)

Posted by Lisa on 07.24.05

I have been doing pretty good..although the weight isn’t coming off, I have managed to maintain…annoying as it is…but today, I started a new weight lifting routine that I found online that is perfectly set up and is detailed as to which day to do what exercises, how many sets and reps of each, etc. [...]


Posted by Lisa on 07.23.05

I couldn’t be more tickled right now…I freaked when my page went all wompy on me…but I found an older version of it saved, so I updated the links and some info and here she be!!! You would think I would learn by now to back up my stuff…duh…

‘Scuse me…

Posted by Lisa on

I was trying to do something really simple with my layout and messed up bad :( My right column of links is now down below :( I can’t figure out what I did or how to get it all back…anyone know anything about it?? I have e-mailed for some help, but if you have any [...]


Posted by Lisa on 07.14.05

You may have noticed the new ribbon ^above^ with the link for PCOS. I have fixed up, rearranged and added new info and links to my PCOS pages, and have them all linked up now :) So if you are interested and want to learn more about this disease, please feel free to read it [...]

Thank you…

Posted by Lisa on 07.12.05

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my previous post…I really appreciate all of your support. As soon as I get the chance I am going to ‘spruce up’ my PCOS page and get that back up here…seems it’s needed :) :) Things are going great :) The nibbles and burns truly do work…it’s amazing…I [...]

Commenting a comment…

Posted by Lisa on 07.08.05

I received a comment today and I would really like to address it, because whether it was meant nicely or not, it kinda struck a chord with me…here’s the comment: Hi. I hope you won’t take this the wrong way but I think you fall for gimmicks to easily. You always have a new one. [...]

Quick one…

Posted by Lisa on

Just letting you all know eating is still going really good here…I am already seeing the benefits of the eating rules I mentioned yesterday. The only reason I’m being a bit vague about it all (if it seems that way) is I don’t really know if there’s a copyright on the program itself or what [...]

Nibbles & Burns

Posted by Lisa on 07.07.05

I have been doing alot more reading and research on my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and found an amazing group that I became a member of… – it’s a support group for women suffering with PCOS and offers amazing information to help with weight loss, reducing PCOS symptoms, speeding up your metabolism (which is [...]


Posted by Lisa on 07.02.05

Yes…259!!!!!!!!!! I’m FINALLY out of the 260′s…this feels AWESOME!!!! And, get this, I even just started my TOM…and I’m STILL out of the 260′s…yes, I said, OUT OF THE 260′S… I’m a bit excited. I actually took some time for ME last night and went shopping. I took my cousin with me, she’s 22, to [...]