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Peeve of the day….People READING while DRIVING!!!! Nuff Said … *GRUFFFF*…

hahaha…alrighty then…

Let’s sum up yesterday…LONG day. good on points till dinner. pizza (although thin crust). friends who bring ice cream. movie. all equaling???? MUNCHIES….Holy moly…I am PMS’ing for the 3rd month in a row which kicks BUTT…but I keep having major ups and downs on the scale at the moment because along with my PMS comes MUNCHIES…I swear my stomach growls non-stop…after not having a period for so long regularly, I am having some very strong PMS symptoms now. I am thrilled that I am having my period at least…but it’s also sabotaging my eating changes…LOL…So, over points yesterday, no exercising…but great on water…ROFL..2 outta 3 aint bad, huh??? hahaha…so today’s plan…UNDER points, EXERCISE..EXERCISE..EXERCISE!!!

I wanted to address this here, as I have had a few e-mails asking this, and Autumn commented yesterday on this, so I will kinda talk about how *I* feel about this here

PCOS…in a nutshell, makes your body completely out of whack…infertility, weight gain, unexplained aches and pains, nauseaus, horribly embarrasing hair growth out of the norm…you name it…I could name 1,000 symptoms I have dealt with. I have seen ALOT of awesome sites out there on this disease, and one main topic on it bothers me. Alot of people out there are under the assumption that the *ONLY* way to lose weight when you are diagnosed with PCOS is doing a strict Low-Carb diet…I have to completely DISAGREE with this. If my body is ALREADY unhealthy because of the things caused by PCOS, why on earth would I want to fill it with more fat/cholesterol and receive a *short term* weight loss (I say short term because as SOON as you stop a low-carb diet, you will gain the weight back)…Let me stress here before I go any further that everything I am stating here is what I have found by doing this Low-Carb and Having PCOS. These are completely MY opinions and observations, and really don’t care to have any bashing messages left for me K?? k…

Anyways…I did the Low-Carb thing, lost 20 lbs. and had to go off the diet because I became pregnant. Not one month later (and NOT because of the pregnancy, and not for lack of watching what I ate) ALL of that weight was back + a few more. I am now doing Weight Watchers, and have lost weight very successfully so far…and am loving it. I have the choice of what I want to eat. I can still stay in my point range, eat what I like and lose. If you do this program and you are worried about the carbs, then limit them. Eat higher fiber food. Vegetables (not starchy ones very often). Fruit. Limit your pasta, and bread. But please do NOT limit yourself to a very strict Low-Carb (I did Atkins) as it makes it SOOOO difficult for you to stick to. I actually ended up feeling a failure because before I got pregnant, I was having a hard time with eating nothing but meat, eggs and cheese basically.

Just remember, that different things work for different people…if Low-carbing is your thing, then go for it!! I applaud you for having the willpower to stick with it. Whatever you are doing to help yourself become healthier I am thrilled for ya

So, to sum up my ramble…I really DO know from experience that you can be diagnosed with PCOS, lose weight, and be HEALTHY while NOT doing a low-carb diet. So, please be good to your body, eat sensibly, watch calories/POINTS, and exercise!!! Since I have gotten myself moving and losing, I am seeing symptoms from the PCOS disappearing…slowly but surely

I hope this helps clear things a bit as to how I feel about all this. You are more than welcome to e-mail me or leave me messages here if you have questions about PCOS or anything I talked about here. Just be gentle and kind hahaha…


Thank GOODNESS it’s Friday…It’s been a LONG week for me…not sure why…just has…

Things are going great here Staying OP, doing decent on my water, and finally getting back into the exercising routine !!! Feels great!!! I did the 2 mile WATP last night…LOL…this is my 2nd time doing it, and it kicks my butt… Not that it’s so *hard*, but my legs were outta shape *again* and had to start over with that…and they were whooped…LOL I love these tapes though…the miles are over before you know it I have seen some people complaining about the background music, but it doesn’t really bother me…I haven’t seen the 3 mile tape yet though, so who knows…the music just kinda keeps ya groovin at the right speed…not too annoying though

Megan had her 5 month check-up today, got 4 shots, and her poor little pork-chop legs are all swollen from them She is now 12# 15 oz. (40th %tile) and 26-1/4 in. long (90th %tile)…she’s tall and skinny just like Abbie hahaha…her development is awesome, doing all the things she should be, and a few others too *proud momma moment*

Here’s todays Friday Five ~

1. What is your most prized material possession? Hmmm…I guess this would be a tie of 3 things for me. 1 ~ My wedding and engagement rings…2 ~ My family bible. This bible has been in our family since the mid 1800’s…not in the greatest shape, but holds a place in my heart for sure…3 ~ All of my geneology on my family. These are things that are completely irreplaceable and very meaningful to me.

2. What item, that you currently own, have you had the longest? First thing that comes to mind is my Hope Chest. My grandmother sent it to me for my Sweet 16 birthday

3. Are you a packrat? I’m a *reformed* pack rat. Now I can’t STAND things to be kept for no apparent reason…unfortunately, though I have changed, Abbie has picked up on the ‘packrat’ gene and now everything has a sentimental value to it…I have to pitch stuff when she’s not around…LOL

4. Do you prefer a spic-and-span clean house? Or is some clutter necessary to avoid the appearance of a museum? I prefer a *clean* house…I don’t care for clutter, but with a 4 year old, kinda hard to avoid *wink* v

5. Do the rooms in your house have a theme? Or is it a mixture of knick-knacks here and there? Yeah…Abbie’s room is in butterflies, Megan’s nursery is stars, moons, and clouds, our bedroom is *going to be* outdoor/woodsy theme, my living room, family room, and dining rooms are kinda set up as one big open room and it’s just all country, and my kitchen is done in birdhouses

Well, that’s it for me….talk to ya soon!!!

New Journal Page

I added another new page to my journal for my food, water and exercise…it’s under the ‘Health Journal’ link below It’s more just for me to have to have up and out there where someone else *might* see it…not so much that you would be interested in it…LOL…Just another little booster for me to stay on track

It has my point range, water goal for the day, and then my total points used, total water intake, and exercise done for the day …


New Sound :)

I changed the music on my site…that will become a familiar thing to ya soon…LOL…I will change it when the mood strikes…anyways, I added Norah Jones’ ~ I Don’t Know Why…I LOVE this tune…she has such a soothing smokey voice…she is amazing…hope you enjoy it too

I got my new Weight Watchers Magazine yesterday, had some interesting things in there that I wanted to post. Here is an article on Water ~

Liquid Science
Chugging water may be good for more than just quenching your thirst. A recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that women who drank at least five glasses of water a day were 41 percent less likely to die of a heart attack than those who drank less than two glasses of water. What’s the H2O and heart link? Since water is quickly absorbed into the bloodstrteam and thins the blood, it may help to prevent clogged arteries.

If you have trouble guzzling your six-to-eight-a-day, try these water tricks:

1. Think outside the water bottle. Fruits and vegetables (like apples and celery) are water-based and count too.

2. Flavor it up. Look for a flavored water with no calories and no sugar.

3. Bring on the bubbly. Mix club soda or diet tonic water wiht a splash of furit juice or garnish with orange wedges.

Here are a couple of my own, which you may have heard me say before.
Sorry for the lack of ’scientific evidence’ type ideas…LOL

1. Use a straw. For some reason, this makes it SO much easier to get the water down.

2. Fill a gallon pitcher and keep it in the fridge, or on the counter. You will have to figure out for yourself which is easier to get down….ice cold or room temperature. Make sure that gallon is empty before you head to bed. Refill it so it’s ready for tomorrow morning!!

3. Flavor it a tad. Just as they stated above, about adding juice, etc. Try adding a bit of lemon juice…it’s also just a bit more refreshing with lemon in it

Here’s something else I found kinda interesting ~

Which is worse: smoking or overeating?
In the U.S. smoking still causes more deaths each year than obesity - but not many more. About 300,000 deaths per year are associated with obesity compared with more than 400,000 deaths per year associated with smoking, says a recent report from the surgeon general. You know the rest: Smoke out and lighten up!

Kinda interesting huh?? Both the water and this little snippet make things a bit clearer on the ‘big picture’ front. Some really good reasons to keep up our journey huh???

OH!!! Something yummy for your sweet tooth ~ There is a new Sugar Free Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!!! they are 4 POINTS for five miniature cups. It says they taste like the real thing - minus the sugar and with about 20% fewer calories Yummy!!

And, this one, just for the heck of it…(Ok…so I feel chatty, and there’s absolutely NOTHING interesting happening with me personally…LOL)

TIP! Not sure if your breath is fresh?? )Frankly, I never think that Tic-Tac ‘HU-HU’ thing really works…LOL)
Try this odor check: Lick the back of your hand and let the saliva dry completely then sniff. If waht you smell is odorous, sour-smelling, or otherwise unpleasant, your breath likely smells bad too.

Oh the glory of LessLisa-Lessons huh???
Have a great day everyone!!!!

!!! CD SWAP !!!

OMIGOSH…I just found this awesome page/idea…wanted to pass it on to all of you…it’s a ‘Work-out CD-swap’…you make 4 identical workout CD’s, keep one for yourself and pass on 3 to the people in your list…please check it out…sounds like alot of fun!!!

Click here for CD Swap info!!

Water Blinkie :)

I made this blinkie tonight, and am going to use it on my main blog page to track my total water intake for the day I also have this blinkie offered on my blinkie page if you are interested

This or That

Oops…I forgot…Here is todays This or That Tuesday


1. Black or white? White

2. Plaid or stripes? Depends on what

3. Paperback or hardcover books? Hardcover

4. Color or B&W printer? Color

5. Golden oldies or the newest tunes? Both

6. Ice cream: in a cone or a dish? Dish

7. Bath or shower? Shower…I’m afraid of water, and CANNOT sit in the tub…

8. Are you outgoing or shy? Very outgoing

9. Answer the phone when it rings, or screen calls? We screen them (caller ID) but still always answer…

10. VCR or TiVO? VCR *AND* DVD…what IS TiVo????

So close, yet so far…

UGH…once again my body has fooled me…LOL…sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but my weigh in I was 1 lb. down…dangit…not that I’m not happy I lost, but at one point this week, I saw 247.5…that was just 1/2 lb. from 50…and now I still have 2 more to go now to get there…dag nabbit hahaha…Oh well…I was down, right??? I must be doing something right

I am going to get my butt back in gear and do myself some WATP and get motivated in the exercise department again…I’ve really been slacking since my surgery and I need to get back on the ball…that should help me next week.

That’s my goal for the week…get that 50 lbs.!!!!

I have been thinking…I want to challenge myself…set more than just the holiday goals (which I’m completely sucking at, BTW…LOL) but I was thinking like a water challenge, and a staying in points challenge. I need to set a goal for the amount of water I want to take in everyday and a set amount of days to stay PERFECTLY OP (on program)…so I might get that going soon too…so you will see something like ‘Day 1 of 60 OP’ or something of that nature (hmmm…new ‘mini’ blinkie thoughts swirlin about now…haha)…and I will keep track of that in these entries probably…

Warning: babbling may occur from this point…

I was thinking last night as I was watching Abbie as she ate her dinner…the little skinny stick of nothing that she is…hahaha…I fix her meal for her and she eats until she is full. She’s content. She’s full. There are more important things on her mind, than food. Must be nice. At what point in MY life did that change? I remember when people would always tell me that I need to EAT…I was too skinny…(not too long ago I might add)…and now, it’s like I can’t stand the thought of wasting food. Like it’s a waste of money to me…is that it??? I now take 1/2 of the helping I used to, but still…there are some things that I want more of just because it’s yummy…full tummy or not. Mind you, I do stay in my points just about ALL the time…I have a day here or there where I’m high in my range, but that is usually the worst of it. I don’t binge, or anything…I just wish I knew what to do to be more like my daughter. Eat until the grumblies are gone, and be satisfied. Wouldnt’ that make things (dieting) SO much easier???? So WHY is this crap so easy to talk through, KNOW what the problem is, and yet NOT be able to just DO IT…

I guess I’m lucky that’s about the worst of my worries as of right now, right?? LOL…*kicking myself in the butt*…that’s gonna be my new ‘LessLisa’ motto…’JUST FREAKIN DO IT’ … hahaha

Well here’s something I found at Jennie’s…Thought it looked fun

Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?
Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?

And this one…LOL…since I’m a foot/shoe freak…LOL…don’t ask…I like barefeet and shoes (NOT a fetish mind you)…hahahhaha…actually kinda fits me Muh-waaahhahahah

Which toe are you? o_O~?

Which toe are you? o_O~?

Have a great day ya’ll…take a nap after readin all this…goodness me… hahaha BYE!!!

more blinkies :)

Happy Saturday… Well, it’s almost over now, but hope it was a good one for all of you!!! We had a busy but fun day We headed to the mall and did some major walking around…hit Old Navy, of course, and found some great sales for some clothes for the girls, and a pair of jean overalls that were not on sale, for Megan, but they were still only $10.00….not too bad Then we went to Outback Steakhouse (where I’m SURE I was over points for today now) but it was yummy!!! Then we went to Sam’s Club where we renewed our membership and got a few good deals also That place is great especially for juice boxes/bags, and fruit cups, applesauce cups, stuff like that for Abbie’s school lunches So we did real good

Megan went to bed very easy tonight after such a long day So, hopefully she will sleep till at least 8 a.m. or later even

I made a bunch more of the ‘Lbs. down’ blinkies again tonight…I figure if I can add a few more each night (like tonight I made about 20 more) then I will have them all done (up to 150 lbs. lost) within the next week sometime

I avoided the scale this morning, so I don’t know if I’m up or down anymore today, but as of yesterday I was already down a total of 3 lbs. from last Monday….tomorrow I will be doing a 2 or 3 mile WATP tape to get some of the extra points I used today gone…Here’s hoping Monday is AWESOME for losses

Well, it’s beddy-time Talk to you all soon!!!! (((HUGS)))

new blinkies

Blinkie update ~ I have added a BUNCH of new blinkies in my ‘Blinkies’ page. When you visit the blinkies page, please click on the ‘I’ve lost 5 lbs!!’ blinkie, and it will bring up another page where there are blinkies for every pound you have lost…I plan on making them to go up to 150 lbs. lost, but obviously that is going to take awhile to get completed. It’s more time consuming than it is hard, and VERY repetative…LOL…but I always LOVE to find little things like these that seem to be waiting just for *me* to find them and use them on my site, so I hope you all enjoy them also

I have been out and about tonight during my daily reads visits and have found quite a few sites that are using these blinkies Kinda exciting to see them out there in use hahahaha…yeah, I’m pathetic, I know

I went and got my hair cut today It’s GONE!!!! hahahah…I mean, SHORT…in length it’s about at the base of my neck, and I have semi-short layers…my shortest layer is just long enough to tuck behind my ear…I absolutely LOVE it. Well, right now anyways…ya know how you always go and get your hair done, and when you like it, you can NEVER get it to go how the stylist got it to go??? LOL…I am kinda lucky though, and the lady who cuts my hair knows I have a hard time with new styles in getting them to go right, so she spent a little while with me tonight showing me how to get it to go this way So here’s hoping it goes tomorrow But I actually look like I have an ‘adult’ hair cut now…hahaha…it’s weird to me because my hair has been SO long FOR so long that I seriously forget HOW to do my hair!!! When all you do is pull back the front, sides, or put in a headband (easy to do all these with 2 kids…) and I just let it go. So it’s really nice to have something that’s easy to fix and yet looks cute I will get a picture up as soon as I can so you can see

Well, it’s late and I’m all chatty…LOL…so before I bore you and you never come back, I’m gonna head to bed Have a wonderful night!!!! (((HUGS)))