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Don’t even know what to write about…Lost focus, found focus.  Clothes were looser, now, not so much.  Work.  Doctors.  Kids.  Schools.  A ‘date’ night.  Lots going on, just all sounds boring here.

I did lose focus completely with everything with Clint that was going on, and for some reason I’m at a point right now, where I feel as if I write about what I’m doing to maintain the focus I have regained, that I will, once again, jinx it all;  which also makes me feel guilty about leaving you all out of everything that is going on.  Weird place to be.

I’m missing my wonderful online friends…Karen, Elizabeth, Jenn, Mel, etc. because I haven’t been able to be here much, which also means lack of visits to keep up on everyone, or e-mailing to keep in touch…I suck at all that right now and I apologize. 

Me and my computer worked out a pretty cool program (I think I mentioned that before) that tracks my calories and all, and I’m holding on for dear life to cling to it because, after all, journaling and tracking it what keeps us accountable.  My waer intake has again improved and is my main source of fluids, except for the two cups of coffee I allow myself in the morning (which I don’t add milk anymore, just splenda). 

So a vague post recap:  I’m focused.  I know what needs to be done and where I need to be and it’s slowly coming together.  I feel guilty that I have been so slow in my progress lately that it is also a letdown to the readers that used to find my progress inspiring or motivating.  I feel like I lost that motivating person for a bit, but she will prevail

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By Lisa
On 10.16.06
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Elizabeth Says:

I just want you to know that I love you. I adore you. I miss you. You’re one of my dearest online friends and not a day passes without thoughts going out your way. But, you need to concentrate on you for a little while… don’t worry about us. We’re here, we’re always here, and we’re going to be here when you’re ready to come back. Lisa is the main concern right now! xoxo

Stephanie Says:

Hi Lisa,
Big hugs sent your way! We all get to the point where we feel as if we are fumbling around trying to keep our footing. I know I do OFTEN. Stress causes me to panic and panic leads to eating. I am talking everyday little stuff kind of panic not OMG I don’t know if something really bad is wrong with my husband. I can’t believe how strong you stayed. Heck, I admire that, more than all the weight loss in the world. Take your time, catch your breath and when you are ready you will be back to posting again. I know that I will wait and check in.

Jenn K Says:

Hey Lisa,
I haven’t commented on what’s been going on there with you and Clint just because I was scared for you and didn’t know what to say… But you guys were constantly on my mind and I’m so thankful that everything is turning out good. I’m still sending good vibes across the US to you You need to focus on you, Clint, Abby and Meggie right now!
I haven’t been a very good friend lately to you and I’m sorry for that. I’m struggling too so you are not alone, always know that I am right there with you. I’m always wondering “I wonder how Lisa is doing today..” Ok.. so before I get all mushy, I love ya! I’m thinking you and Clint and the girls. And I care SO much what happens with you!!

Donna Says:

HI. I just came across your post… thank you for posting online.. it is nice to hear what other people are doing to try and loose weight.. I cam back from Europe this past January.. and well seen a picture that was taken of me while in London in December.. I vowed that I would not return unless I lost 100 pounds.. the first month was hard.. just trying to get into a routine.. but for the last 8 months I would have to say I have been doing pretty good.. I am down 80 pounds. Have booked my ticket back to Europe in December of this year.. (hoping to loose that last 20 before I go).
as you know it is alot of hard work .. and when you hear from others it can be done.. it is aways a big help.. I wish you the best.. you can do it.. and look forward to hearing more from you when you have time..
Best of luck


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