UGH…once again my body has fooled me…LOL…sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but my weigh in I was 1 lb. down…dangit…not that I’m not happy I lost, but at one point this week, I saw 247.5…that was just 1/2 lb. from 50…and now I still have 2 more to go now to get there…dag nabbit hahaha…Oh well…I was down, right??? I must be doing something right

I am going to get my butt back in gear and do myself some WATP and get motivated in the exercise department again…I’ve really been slacking since my surgery and I need to get back on the ball…that should help me next week.

That’s my goal for the week…get that 50 lbs.!!!!

I have been thinking…I want to challenge myself…set more than just the holiday goals (which I’m completely sucking at, BTW…LOL) but I was thinking like a water challenge, and a staying in points challenge. I need to set a goal for the amount of water I want to take in everyday and a set amount of days to stay PERFECTLY OP (on program)…so I might get that going soon too…so you will see something like ‘Day 1 of 60 OP’ or something of that nature (hmmm…new ‘mini’ blinkie thoughts swirlin about now…haha)…and I will keep track of that in these entries probably…

Warning: babbling may occur from this point…

I was thinking last night as I was watching Abbie as she ate her dinner…the little skinny stick of nothing that she is…hahaha…I fix her meal for her and she eats until she is full. She’s content. She’s full. There are more important things on her mind, than food. Must be nice. At what point in MY life did that change? I remember when people would always tell me that I need to EAT…I was too skinny…(not too long ago I might add)…and now, it’s like I can’t stand the thought of wasting food. Like it’s a waste of money to me…is that it??? I now take 1/2 of the helping I used to, but still…there are some things that I want more of just because it’s yummy…full tummy or not. Mind you, I do stay in my points just about ALL the time…I have a day here or there where I’m high in my range, but that is usually the worst of it. I don’t binge, or anything…I just wish I knew what to do to be more like my daughter. Eat until the grumblies are gone, and be satisfied. Wouldnt’ that make things (dieting) SO much easier???? So WHY is this crap so easy to talk through, KNOW what the problem is, and yet NOT be able to just DO IT…

I guess I’m lucky that’s about the worst of my worries as of right now, right?? LOL…*kicking myself in the butt*…that’s gonna be my new ‘LessLisa’ motto…’JUST FREAKIN DO IT’ … hahaha

Well here’s something I found at Jennie’s…Thought it looked fun

Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?
Which Sesame Street Muppet Are You?

And this one…LOL…since I’m a foot/shoe freak…LOL…don’t ask…I like barefeet and shoes (NOT a fetish mind you)…hahahhaha…actually kinda fits me Muh-waaahhahahah

Which toe are you? o_O~?

Which toe are you? o_O~?

Have a great day ya’ll…take a nap after readin all this…goodness me… hahaha BYE!!!