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Man what a long day. 

We got Clint to the hospital @ 12:45 p.m.  His colonoscopy was scheduled for 1:45 p.m. ’cept for the doctor was 2-1/2 hours behind schedule.  Clint never got taken back until 3:45.  He was back to me, still sound asleep from the anesthesia, at 4:20. 

About an hour later, he was still really groggy and the Dr. came in to talk to us.  Clint is perfectly healthy!!  There is NO cancer.  I can’t even tell you how LOUDLY I thanked God right then and there and cried.  This was such an emotional day and I just couldn’t take one more second.  That was the hugest relief of my life.

Because of the original cancer diagnosis, the doctor when through his entire large AND small intestine as well.  There were some swollen lymph nodes in the small intestine, so he did remove those and sent them out for a biopsy just to be sure, but he said that those being swollen are perfectly normal in young people.  He also had bloodwork done, because there is stil some concern over Crohn’s Disease…we won’t know the results of either test for 2 more weeks.

All I know is that I have my husband healthy.  I explained to Abbie tonight, first that Daddy is FINE…they met him at the door (after screaming through the window when they saw us pull in the driveway, and hugged him so tightly.  I did tell Abbie why I’ve been so worried and explained the scare of cancer…her first reaction???  “It sure was a good thing I prayed so hard for daddy, wasn’t it???”  Clint and I both got a bit teary…Clint must have told her 10 times tonight ‘thank you for all of the prayers!  It worked!!’….what better way to show a child what God can do?  Nothing better than having her daddy healthy.

Thank you ALL for all of the thoughts and prayers…I truly believe in my heart that they worked…here’s a man that was so sick just 3 weeks ago and all of these ‘what ifs’ swirling around him, and he himself preparing to hear the worst and making sure that we were going to be taken care of ‘just in case’…to now just being goofy from the anesthesia…besides being blessed with our daughters, it’s the BEST answered prayer ever, I swear.

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By Lisa
On 10.05.06
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Stephanie Says:

Oh, Lisa I am so thankful to hear that everyones prayers were answered today. I know there is still a concern but, you must be so incredibly relieved. Maybe at least some good can come out of the worry you have had to endure the past couple weeks. You definately have to appreciate every little thing Clint does in a whole new way. If nothing else you have given me a reminder to appreciate what I have and not take anything forgranted, thank you for that. Hugs to you all.

Elizabeth Says:

Lisaaaaaaaaa!!! I am soooo sooo soooo happy for you!! I am crying a million happy tears!! I love you so much and I’m soooo happy for you!! OMG you must feel incredible!! He must feel in credible! Oh, thank God!

P. Marie Says:

I found your site on accident MONTHS ago and have been reading since then all I can say is PRAISE GOD! That your husband is alright, please know that my prayers were with you and your family.
The beautiful thing about children is they are so untainted like we are and go to prayer with all sincerity and innocence knowing and expecting God to hear their every prayer!

Melissa Says:

Oh Thank God!!

I haven’t been on much lately and was thinking of you both yesterday not knowing that he was having the test done. I am so thankful that it was good news all the way. I do know what that feels like and the emotion you have just prior to the procedure.

I also love the new look…I got sick of mine so I just did a generic. lol I have been feeling the need to be simple again…life has been so busy for us.

Take care…
Hugs, Mel

Susie Says:

{{{{{LISA & CLINT}}}}}

I am so thrilled for you! I’ve not been around much (in the blog world), but I have been thinking of and praying for you guys. I am so happy to hear the good news! Praise God!

Susie Says:

{{{{{LISA & CLINT}}}}}

I am so thrilled for you! I’ve not been around much (in the blog world), but I have been thinking of and praying for you guys. I am so happy to hear the good news! Praise God!

By the way, I love your new look!

Mary Says:

Praise the Lord!!!!!!!


I felt like I was holding my breath with you.

Dell. Says:

That is terrific news….. what a reprieve! maybe a wake up call to really enjoy your family and life in general and start doing all the things you both want..

Just like James Brown’s song,,, So Good. So Good… I feel soooo good…


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