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Weight Loss ?

Hmmm…seeing’s how things were so stressful just a handful of days ago, this site has been neglected as to my weight. 

So, you ask, IS there any news?  Uh, nope. 

You can see the changes here I’m sure in design.  I’m still learning the whole WordPress thing, so bear with me, as there may be a different layout each time you visit until I find one that makes me feel ‘comfortable’.  You know, you have been to those sites where you literally can’t visit there one more second because it’s either really *blinkie* or just another version of the author’s junk drawer at home.  Either way, until I feel content, I will probably be switching themes till I’m happy. 

That is, if I could STOP GETTING ERRORS from WordPress when I try and change them!!! 

Alright.  That is all.  I will post more weight loss stuff hopefully next post.  Till then, bear with my boring life antics.

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By Lisa
On 10.11.06
At 10:48 am
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Stephanie Says:

Hey Lisa, I like all the changes you are making to the site. I only started checking in about a month or so ago, so I didn’t really have time to get bored with the old one though. lol

So, are you still keeping a calorie count? I mean I know you have had a lot on your mind so it’s understandable if you aren’t. I was just curious. It does really help me to log my cals. I am one of those people who need distraction to avoid food. You would think between my 3 and the day-care kids I would have enough distractions to be a skeleton. No such luck though. ; )~

Anyway, I was just glad to see you found some time to post. Gotta run and grab me some children!!!


Elizabeth Says:

Well, I personally like the new look but I liked the last one too. Oh and the one before that. And, the original look. Your site is always warm and inviting And, I am one who definitely understands the changing things until comfortable method. Lord knows my site has had a bazillion and one looks!

I hope things are going well for your family right now! Even with the good news before, you have all been in my thoughts and prayers.

I lost your address when my cell phone broke btw and I’d like to get you on the christmas card list this year. Could you please send it to me again?? My email’s posted with the comment. xoxo

Amanda Says:

Hi Lisa. Found you through another WL blog and thought I’d start peeping in. Your site looks good! =0D If you need any help with WP I’d be happy to help. *Cheers*


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