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You guys rock.  Completely making my day with all the love you left me already on my last post…you guys are amazing.

I’m feeling SO pumped today.  I think it’s *smacks-head-DUH* exercise.  What a theory, huh?  Who’da thunk it?  I got on Lippy last night for 20 minutes.  She done hurt me.  Not really, just made me stinky and drippy.  In 20 minutes last night with my tention set to ‘10′ I burned 498 calories…freaking AWESOME.  Tention on ‘10′ is a workout let me tell you…my muscles can feel every step once I get to the 20 minute mark.

I have a confession…I haven’t been on Lippy in a long time.  At LEAST a month.  Even though I have done other activity, Lippy was left completely alone.  The funny part was, the longer I stayed away from her, the more intimidating she became.  I was literally SCARED of her…what kind of nonsense is that?!?!?  I was scared to death to get on the freaking thing.  I still can’t pinpoint why.  Fear of breathing heavy?  Fear of sweating?  Maybe just the fear of defeat of not being able to accomplish a typical run time after staying away from her so long…that could be it.  Defeat.

But, I done did it.  I ran on her and loved every minute.  I had to work on my breathing a bit, and my feet didn’t bother me (numbness) until the VERY end, I could feel that coming on, and when it was over, it was the best feeling of accomplishment ever.  Today I’m flying high, because when I walked in, I had someone tell me my face looks ‘thin’ today…what a great compliment.  I know one day of exercise isn’t capable of making a change, but it definitely makes me want to repeat the great day I had yesterday so that the changes keep coming.

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By Lisa
On 10.17.06
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Stephanie Says:

Good for you Lisa! Way to go getting back on the saddle with Lippy lol. You should be “flying” today. It takes a lot to get in there and do something you aren’t sure you really want to do. That sense of accomplishment you feel is a reaction to putting yourself and your health first for those 20 min. you spent working your butt off! It is mind boggling to me who hates to exercise, that I can feel so GREAT after I have made it through. I actually look forward to getting up at 5am so that I can get my hour in during the week. It is my time for me and I don’t make much of that so I think giving myself 5 hours to focus on myself is a definate step in the right direction. You keep on inspiring me to drop those pounds. Thanks!

Susie Says:

You are doing great, Lisa. I admire you. Have you been watching Biggest Loser? If so, you know Pam? I think she’s on the red team. For some reason, she reminds me of you. She is just so motivated. She might slip here and there, but she always gets right back to it. That’s you! I need that kind of motivation. Boy, how many times have I said THAT?

Way to go, girl. Keep up the good work!


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