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I flippin’ kicked ass on Lippy tonight…I burned over 700 calories in just under 29 minutes. 

Seeing that kind of number and the motivation I’m feeling almost makes me want to get up early in the morning, say 4:30 a.m. and actually get in another 1/2 hour!! 


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By Lisa
On 10.19.06
At 10:47 pm
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Stephanie Says:

WOO HOO way to go Lisa, you really did kick some serious ass didn’t you? 700 calories in a half an hour is incredible! Glad to see you so upbeat and not so down on yourself. See, you just had a lot on your mind for a while and now things are settling down and you are BACK!!!
I am hanging in there too. I followed your lead and my Big Guy did something with the scale. For all I know he launched it over the fence. I know I drove him crazy with the “I lost two pounds” on day and “I gained 3 pounds” the next. I was INSANE I swear. I am going through some serious scale withdrawls though. It’s almost as hard giving that up as giving the extra food up! How sad. Anyway, every morning at 5 when I get up to exercise I stumble into the bathroom in that “Why am I up at this ungodly hour” stupor and go to step on the scale. IT”S NOT THERE! I am trying to go to my oldest daughters b-day before I weigh, that’s November 17th she will be 11 (man I feel old for 33). I keep thinking all kinds of incredibly stupid thoughts like, oh no I am going to gain weight instead of losing this month because I wasn’t weighing. I KNOW that I just have to keep on track with my cals and exercise, logically but, that irrational (large part of me) part says OMG what are you doing? I haven’t been as emotional this week so far so I guess that is a good thing because that number always determined my self esteem for the day. So, thanks for the idea, I’m hoping it works. Hey did I mention that I am down 47 lbs as of last Sunday. That is since mid March and I have NEVER lost so much without taking some crappy diet pill (lost 80 lbs. on Metabolife and gained it all back). Ok, I am rambling on and on…
As I just typed that last line, one of my Day-care Dads brought a dozen doughnuts for us to have today. There are only 6 kids here! $#@% UGH Here’s hoping my resolve holds, if it falters the dogs will be eating doughnuts. lol

Manda Says:

Congratulations Lisa!! Yesh, I know how you feel about the scale.. I’m utterly in love with the thing. =0P You can do it though.. don’t forget to take measurements too ya know - that will inspire.. as you gain muscle the scale maybe stubborn. Keep pushing it!!! =0)


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