Happy Saturday… Well, it’s almost over now, but hope it was a good one for all of you!!! We had a busy but fun day We headed to the mall and did some major walking around…hit Old Navy, of course, and found some great sales for some clothes for the girls, and a pair of jean overalls that were not on sale, for Megan, but they were still only $10.00….not too bad Then we went to Outback Steakhouse (where I’m SURE I was over points for today now) but it was yummy!!! Then we went to Sam’s Club where we renewed our membership and got a few good deals also That place is great especially for juice boxes/bags, and fruit cups, applesauce cups, stuff like that for Abbie’s school lunches So we did real good

Megan went to bed very easy tonight after such a long day So, hopefully she will sleep till at least 8 a.m. or later even

I made a bunch more of the ‘Lbs. down’ blinkies again tonight…I figure if I can add a few more each night (like tonight I made about 20 more) then I will have them all done (up to 150 lbs. lost) within the next week sometime

I avoided the scale this morning, so I don’t know if I’m up or down anymore today, but as of yesterday I was already down a total of 3 lbs. from last Monday….tomorrow I will be doing a 2 or 3 mile WATP tape to get some of the extra points I used today gone…Here’s hoping Monday is AWESOME for losses

Well, it’s beddy-time Talk to you all soon!!!! (((HUGS)))