Blinkie update ~ I have added a BUNCH of new blinkies in my ‘Blinkies’ page. When you visit the blinkies page, please click on the ‘I’ve lost 5 lbs!!’ blinkie, and it will bring up another page where there are blinkies for every pound you have lost…I plan on making them to go up to 150 lbs. lost, but obviously that is going to take awhile to get completed. It’s more time consuming than it is hard, and VERY repetative…LOL…but I always LOVE to find little things like these that seem to be waiting just for *me* to find them and use them on my site, so I hope you all enjoy them also

I have been out and about tonight during my daily reads visits and have found quite a few sites that are using these blinkies Kinda exciting to see them out there in use hahahaha…yeah, I’m pathetic, I know

I went and got my hair cut today It’s GONE!!!! hahahah…I mean, SHORT…in length it’s about at the base of my neck, and I have semi-short layers…my shortest layer is just long enough to tuck behind my ear…I absolutely LOVE it. Well, right now anyways…ya know how you always go and get your hair done, and when you like it, you can NEVER get it to go how the stylist got it to go??? LOL…I am kinda lucky though, and the lady who cuts my hair knows I have a hard time with new styles in getting them to go right, so she spent a little while with me tonight showing me how to get it to go this way So here’s hoping it goes tomorrow But I actually look like I have an ‘adult’ hair cut now…hahaha…it’s weird to me because my hair has been SO long FOR so long that I seriously forget HOW to do my hair!!! When all you do is pull back the front, sides, or put in a headband (easy to do all these with 2 kids…) and I just let it go. So it’s really nice to have something that’s easy to fix and yet looks cute I will get a picture up as soon as I can so you can see

Well, it’s late and I’m all chatty…LOL…so before I bore you and you never come back, I’m gonna head to bed Have a wonderful night!!!! (((HUGS)))