It’s a good ’slow’…

Things are really quite nice right now. In non-weight-related issues anyhow. I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed in alot of areas of my life. From working full-time, to kids and homework, to house and errands. Everything really started to become too much to handle.

After vacation we had conferences with Abbie’s teacher. Abbie has ALWAYS been an ‘A’ student. Always. For the first time EVER I saw a ‘C’ on her spelling test. Totally not like her. We had conferences with her teacher, and even though they were not bad at all, one thing bothers me. She told us what a great kid she is, friends with everybody, a little chatty but we’re working on that. What bothered me was how fast she does everything. From how fast she talks to how fast she writes. It’s just plain fast. Now I talk fast, I’m just a wired kind of person. That may be where this is coming from. But for how fast she writes and does her homework and according to her teacher how fast she flies through tests, kind of has me a bit frazzled. It’s really hard to slow her down.

Then I started thinking about how overwhelmed that I have felt, I never did stop to imagine how it may be bothering them. I just haven’t kept our house and life very organized and it’s getting to us all.

I finally put my foot down.

We are really focusing on ‘family’ and not so much ‘life’…everything in life moves way too fast. We are taking the focus off of the things that don’t matter so much, and putting it where it belongs. Our family.

Clint had last Friday off from work and Abbie didn’t have school. The two of them tore through our house and it was spotless. Every. Single. Room. And guess what !?!?

It’s still like that. We have done everything possible to make sure that it stays that way.

We have also stopped running every night. I am limiting our store runs to on the weekends so that we are not go-go-go every night after school & work.

I really feel that Abbie is in ‘go all the time’ mode to where I think that is where her ‘hurry hurry hurry’ stuff is coming from and it’s hurting her school work.

It’s time to sit back and enjoy it all…not rush through it.

I do have to admit though, that I went from absolutely no time for me - to having time like you wouldn’t believe. I come home, dishes are already done, one less thing I dont’ have to do. I fold a load of laundry if there is one, and since the house is already clean, I just cook dinner, add those dishes to the dishwasher and I’m done for the night.

Which means I now have really decent time to workout after work! WOOOT!!!!

One simple change and it eliminates so much stress and chaos, and now I can focus on ME! Who’da thunk?

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