Friday, July 13, 2012

On one hand…

Posted by Lisa on 09.25.07

The number of days to our unbelievably exciting, first REAL vacation EVER in the near 15 years that we have been married can now be counted on ONE HAND! Holy crap-a-noli !!! Clint and I went last night and got some much-needed new shoes for the both of us for the trip, so that we [...]


Posted by Lisa on 09.21.07

Wanna know what I’m taking to Disney? A positive attitude about myself. Can you believe that??? It sounds so very simple, but it’s the one thing that knocks me down everytime. There is a new song that I’m totally in love with and it’s message. It’s called ‘We Live’ by Superchick. The part that gets [...]

I heart Jillian

Posted by Lisa on 09.18.07

I probably say this every new season, but I am freaking in love with The Biggest Loser. Bob and his goofy giggle. Kim and her girly self which seems to be showing a side of herself that hasn’t been shown much…I think she could seriously kick some ass if she were provoked. And Miss Jillian. [...]

Doctor visit results…

Posted by Lisa on

I’m feeling a little brighter now that I’ve been to the Dr. I got all of my bloodwork results when I visited the Dr. today. My A1c (3 month average of my blood sugar) was 7.9 three months ago. 8 is seriously uncontrolled blood sugar. So it wasn’t good. Today? It is 6.8!!! It’s coming [...]

U.N.C.L.E. !!! yeah. Uncle.

Posted by Lisa on 09.17.07

I give. Tomorrow is my Dr. visit. It’s the first check-up since I was diagnosed with Diabetes 3 months ago. So, let’s recap the past 3 months, shall we? Exercise, no weight loss. Change diet, no weight loss. Weight loss. Oops, I take that back, weight gain. Weight loss, no wait, weight gain. Insert bouts [...]

Almost gave in…

Posted by Lisa on 09.13.07

Here’s why I hate my body. Really. As I reported, the scale is moving nicely in my favor, right? Yesterday morning, more of the same. More motivation to keep up all of the work I’m putting into myself. After I weighed in, I got dressed and on Lippy for 15 minutes burning 340-some calories. Got [...]

Sugar Detox.

Posted by Lisa on 09.11.07

I have found the best answer for my diabetes control – Low-Carb. No Sugar. Good-for-you food. Seriously on sugar detox. I’m on day 4 now of limiting any sugar intake. I had a horrible spell last Thursday. I broke down and bought a danish from the machine at work, and within 20 minutes of eating [...]

Some pictures, as promised…

Posted by Lisa on 09.04.07

Here are some pictures from the wedding reception on Saturday. First, here is the bouncy house I was talking about: Here is the ‘shot bell’ Here I am at the beer tap (I think it’s kinda obvious I’ve had a few at this point): Here is Clint and I (you can tell I’ve gained some [...]

As forseen…

Posted by Lisa on

The wedding reception / party went off just as suspected. What I had forgotten about was the ‘shot bell’ that I had named for them MONTHS ago. I was quickly reminded, as every time the bell was rung, shots were ready to share. People would come running from every direction, do the next shot and [...]