Friday, July 13, 2012

What can I say? I’m HAPPY.

Posted by Lisa on 06.29.07

Yep. Happy. Stunned. Relieved. Scared. Happy, stunned and relieved that things are going so well. I feel amazing. I don’t feel like I want to fall asleep right after a meal. I have energy. The weight is STILL coming off (nope, never got those 2 lbs. back, either!). Scared that it will stop. About 99% [...]

I’m not holding my breath…

Posted by Lisa on 06.28.07

I started on my 10 pen of Byetta yesterday. This morning was my third. My friend, the scale? He (doesn’t it just seem like a scale would be male?) has blessed me with taking away 2 lbs. 2 LBS. SINCE YESTERDAY. ?!?!?!?! Not going to get too crazy excited, because I’m still in ‘yeah, whatever’ [...]

Big Brother, Baby!

Posted by Lisa on 06.26.07

My 2 week check-up with the doctor went amazing. He is very happy with my blood sugars with the exception of my morning readings. I have what they call ‘dawn effect’. All day long my numbers are great after I eat now, but first thing in the morning (‘fasting’ reading) they are high. Pretty high. [...]

Holy crap it works!

Posted by Lisa on 06.25.07

First things first. My weekend sucked. I didn’t go over on my calories or carbs at all, that was the good part. But what I filled those calories and carbs with, was the bad part. We were so busy all weekend long, that when I had time to eat, I was able to have higher [...]

What was I thinking?!?

Posted by Lisa on 06.22.07

At the beginning of my diabetes diagnosis, I had it in my head that I was going to take my measurements to be able to track my progress a little closer. Did I ?!? Nope. And now, even though I am probably hours from ‘that time’ the scale is still down. I am usually up [...]

Ok…just one more thing…

Posted by Lisa on 06.20.07

I found this over at Big Fat Deal (link is in list on right) and wanted to pass this link on… Taken from BFD: This fascinating Time magazine photo essay depicts families from all over the world along with examples of the foods they eat in a week. (It also lists what a week’s worth [...]

Ya gotta try this!

Posted by Lisa on

I was doing a search last night for healthy diabetic snacks. Found this idea: 2 full graham cracker sheets (broken into 8 individual crackers) 1 TBSP Peanut Butter 1 banana Spread peanut butter evenly over all 8 crackers, and place 2 slices of banana on top of each one. I just had this for an [...]

Gonna throw another one in the mix.

Posted by Lisa on

Alrighty. Just to recap. I found out about the Type II Diabetes just over a week ago. I am on Byetta for that, and Crestor for high cholesterol. If you read the comments that other visitors leave, you will have read one from Dell that was pretty wise. Since I was put on Crestor, I [...]

It’s been a struggle.

Posted by Lisa on 06.18.07

Through this past weekend, I didn’t journal. Much. I did breakfast and lunch both days, then it seems by dinner, I had forgotten the journal existed. That would account for my weigh-in today being 1/2 lb. higher. 1/2 lb. is crap, I’m not upset. It’s ‘that time’ once again, as well, and if that is [...]

yo quero Taco Bell?

Posted by Lisa on 06.14.07

I can so totally feel a change in my body in the past couple of days. I don’t mean that I feel like I’m losing (which I do), but I can tell that my body is ‘performing’ differently. I can tell things are working better. Like things got oiled up and they decided to start [...]

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