Friday, July 13, 2012

Little skeered…

Posted by Lisa on 08.31.07

Clint is finally off of his nightmarish midnights that he’s been working. For the past 2 weeks, I get home from work at 5:05 p.m., Clint leaves for work at 5:15 p.m. It’s Hi & Bye and I’m on my own to tackle the house, kids, dog, yard, everything in the few hours I am [...]

The Pants Project …

Posted by Lisa on 08.30.07

Some of you have noticed the new link I listed called ‘The Pants Project’. Here’s what I’m doing for a little more motivation, which is REALLLLLY needed right now. I found these jeans at a garage sale over the summer, and even though they were 2 sizes too small, they were only $4.00, so I [...]

Filling a void…

Posted by Lisa on

I’m only posting at this moment to avoid the cravings that are beginning to take over my entire body. Could this be detox? Food detox? I’m fighting with everything I have to not give in to the carbs and sugars that I truly feel sick not having. I literally feel nauseaus when I cut out [...]

Much ado about arms?

Posted by Lisa on 08.29.07

Here is just a quick question I want to throw out to you all. I know in a previous post, I asked for advice on what to wear to keep the tops of my arms covered and all for summer. Well, I’m a girl, and it’s in my genes that I have every right to [...]

… on a magic carpet ride …

Posted by Lisa on 08.28.07

I loaded up the girls and my favorite cousin last night and we headed to Wal-Mart. Abbie needed a couple more last minute things before school started today and I was on a mission to get a few things for myself. I got myself the Omega-3 and Ginko Biloba to see if I can start [...]

Alright, for now…

Posted by Lisa on 08.26.07

Thank you for letting me vent in my last post. I hate that I feel like that lately, and I’m trying all sorts of new things to fix it myself to get me through to my Dr.’s appointment on September 18. I am going to try the Omega 3 and Ginko Biloba that were recommended [...]

Can medication fix it all??

Posted by Lisa on 08.21.07

I feel like I need to talk. Like if I just say what’s in my head, it’ll get better. But then when I do that here, I feel like it annoys the crap out of everyone because it’s just ‘one more negative person’ post. I hate finding sites that are nothing but negative bitching. I [...]

Doin’ Disney the same size…

Posted by Lisa on 08.16.07

Well, remember way back in February or March I mentioned that we had scheduled our Disney trip for September 29th??? Remember how excited I was that I had allllll this time to get to goal for Disney? Then remember how excited I was to get on the Byetta because I just KNEW that was going [...]

Casting Call.

Posted by Lisa on 08.07.07

I’ve been this close to deciding to head to Cleveland this Saturday for the open Casting Call for the Biggest Loser 5. It’s all expense paid if you get on the show. I come home in a few months a changed woman. How can you beat that? What I’ve been searching online for is, how [...]

The Hair.

Posted by Lisa on 08.02.07

LOVE my new ‘do. Julie (my friend that went with me) and I had a BLAST. The place that we got our hair done at gives you like this arm/hand/face massage while you are still laying in your ‘hair chair’ (you know, that chair that leans back while you place your neck ‘just so’ in [...]