Friday, July 13, 2012

Found this site…

Posted by Lisa on 10.31.07

I have found a site that I’m facinated with, but not quite sure why exactly. It’s called – Show Me Check it out…you can click on ‘Wellbeing’ in the left-hand column for health tips, exercise, all that, or do a search on practically anything…but it’s short videos showing you HOW to do these things. Even [...]

Two little words…

Posted by Lisa on

Period. and. chocolate. Ok, three words. Need I say more? Yesterday and today, I’m craving chocolate like mad. Typically, I’m not like other menstruating women, who seem to crave the dark brown goodness on a monthly basis. I don’t care for chocolate that much. And never do I crave it. So today and yesterday it’s [...]

Hits home…

Posted by Lisa on 10.29.07

This is my first attempt at adding a video. But when I visited Marshmallow’s site today and saw it, I think it hit me pretty hard after dealing with some things with Abbie recently. She’s getting curvy (I don’t like it one BIT)…and she keeps saying she’s fat, and crap like that. Mind you, I [...]

First weigh-in

Posted by Lisa on 10.28.07

Today was the day. My first week of Weight Watchers. With results. Hint: I started off in a great mood! I weighed in last week at 273. Today? 267.5 5.5 LBS.!!!!

So as not to jinx myself.

Posted by Lisa on 10.25.07

Just to check in and say the scale is moving. Downward. Nicely. Don’t know if it’s WW or Byetta with the correct needle, or combo of both, but I don’t care the reason…something’s working! ——- That is all.

Does this make my hoo-haw look big??

Posted by Lisa on 10.23.07

I can only imagine what kind of searches will lead people to my site from that title alone. But you all are pretty damn quiet! I’m hearing more from people offering me patches that will enlarge my penis, than any of the normal readers/commenters. I’m on a roll and can’t get enough of it. It [...]

The bright side

Posted by Lisa on 10.22.07

It’s amazing what a little positive attitude and outlook can do for you. I’m keeping my head in the game and it feels so great. Yeah, it’s only day 2, but you gotta start somewhere, right? I used 28.5 of 30 points yesterday and earning a massive amount of acitivity points which I talked about [...]

On the move.

Posted by Lisa on 10.21.07

Like you haven’t heard this 1,000 times. I’ve begun counting points. Yet again. I got out my Weight Watchers pouch and just dove in. I need the structure. The limitations. The seeing something on paper. For the past…oh, I don’t know…YEAR?!?! I haven’t journaled anything. Yep. Nuttin. So, you may ask (in my best Dr. [...]

It’s a good ‘slow’…

Posted by Lisa on 10.17.07

Things are really quite nice right now. In non-weight-related issues anyhow. I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed in alot of areas of my life. From working full-time, to kids and homework, to house and errands. Everything really started to become too much to handle. After vacation we had conferences with Abbie’s teacher. Abbie has ALWAYS been [...]

The official Disney report…

Posted by Lisa on 10.09.07

Sorry guys. It took all weekend to mostly recoup from the trip and travel. And for the past two weeks I have been in horrible upper back pain. So much that I could just throw up everytime I move. So I haven’t spent time on the computer at all. Today I finally went to the [...]

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