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Well, I had to get up EARLY this morning even though I didn’t have to work, get the girls outta bed and get to the bank to get my check in the night deposit before the bank opens…anyways…I’m sitting in the parking lot, and got into my purse to see how much money I had with me…McDonalds was just across the street, and those new McGriddles look SO yummy…well, I have $7.00 on me…LOL I figured, just enough for Abbie and I to get a sandwich and a drink for on the way home…then as if the Weight Watchers Fairy herself WHACKED me over the head with her pointy wand, it hit me…UMMMM HELLO?!?!? Weight Watchers!!! Can’t be eatin that CRAP!!! How in the world can it be SO easy and such a habit to just go and get FOOD???? LOL…I’m such a dork…BUT I didn’t go I came home and Abbie had oatmeal, Meggie had her bottle, and I had my Special K Red Berries and 2 pcs. lite toast Yay me!!!!

Speaking of WW…I got on the scale this morning (I know…I need to stay off of it)…BUT…it was teetering between 252.5 and 253!!!! That means I’m down at LEAST 1.5 and possibly 2 lbs. already since Tuesday YAY!!!!!

Oh!! If any of you who are reading this want to do WW, but haven’t/don’t want to join(ed), I JUST put an auction up on Ebay for a POINTS finder Slider & Activity POINTS Slider plus all 12 of the first weeks booklets & recipe cards…I am missing Week 8 (I think it was a booklet) for some reason, but everything else is there…CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE AUCTION!!!

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On 08.14.03
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Ok…Last one today, PROMISE :)

We took the girls out to get new shoes…Megan her first pair of walking shoes, and Abbie an ADORABLE pair of Nike that Dillards had on sale…I found some almost identical to Abbie’s for ME…can’t believe how much I have taken care of ME lately…LOL…but here they are…my new running/walking shoes and they are SOOOO comfortable!!!!!!

I updated my main site (LessLisa link, above) with my chart and all Will be done every Tuesday from here on out

LOL…alrighty…I’m outtaheer Nighty!!!!

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On 08.12.03
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Day One!!!

I JUST walked in the door from WW meeting LOVED the leader..she’s this teeny cute thing…hahah…but she was awesome…the room was PACKED…I didn’t expect that many people I weighed in at 254.4 of course that is up from my lowest a few months ago of 244, but hey, least I’m working on getting back there now, and it’s not up much from my last post…SO…I’m heading to Wal-Mart, both girls need new shoes…when I get back, and girls are in bed (around 8:00 p.m.) I will be back to my main site, and update my charts and all that good stuff!!!


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Moti - FREAKIN - vatioN

I cannot get over how excited I am about re-joining WW meetings tonight I have this ‘glow’ to me today I think LOL…I just feel SO motivated and positive again…I LOVE this feeling…I was laying in bed last night talking to Clint, and I told him that at the beginning of October last year, my goal was to be AT goal by my birthday this year…now I have, what, 2 weeks?!?! I could be SOOOOO close to goal it’s sickening, and instead, I got burned out on the WW thing, took my sweet time getting my butt exercising again, and sticking with the program again, and look where it’s gotten me…still in the same stinkin spot…*SMACK*…BUT the good news is, I am ony up a few from where I kinda leveled off at, so it will be no trouble at all getting rid of it…and knowing my past experience with my first 2 weeks of WW, I will HOPEFULLY be down about 10 lbs. in the next two weeks. Of course, it levels off and whatever after that but my initial losses are always huge…

I am going to be at work until about 3:30 or so today, then head home, drop off the girls to Clint and head to the meeting…it’s a place about 5 miles from where I live, it’s a different location than where I used to go, so the only thing I am worried about is if I will enjoy the leader there…I have heard horror stories from people that switch meeting places, and I hope that doesn’t happen tonight…I live in such a small town, I’m anxious to see who all meets there tonight

OH!!! Last night I FINALLY bit the bullet and ordered myself some new clothes…I keep telling myself I am going to wait until I lose some more before buying new clothes, but in the meantime, I have a closet full of NOTHING…and I feel like crap about myself whenever I go anywhere…you know how new clothes always make you feel SO much better about yourself…So, for my early B-day present, Clint told me to order some Clothes…so I got on to JcPenney.com and ordered 2 new cute shirts, a really pretty cardigan for the fall that zips up (in a size smaller than I am now, because then I know I will be determined to lose at LEAST enough so that it fits by fall), a pair of cute capri’s and a new bra yay me hahaha…

Anyways, my meeting is at 5 p.m. today, so I will be here sometime later on tonight to update my charts and all with my ‘official’ weight and I’ll be on the right track once again

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Back to Square One

Well, I have mentioned here recently that I was going to re-join Weight Watchers and go to meetings and all again, and have YET to join up. Well, I called WW this morning and found out when the new program will be unleashed, (the week of Aug. 24th in case you are wondering…at least in my area) and that same week the joining fee will be 1/2 off…she told me today that it would be $40.00 if I join this week, which includes this weeks fee, but if I join that week it will only be $20.00…so I’m not sure what to do…save 20 bucks and wait two more weeks before I see my weight change, or do it now and screw the $20 and get back on the ball…I am going to talk to Clint tonight and see what he thinks too…all I know is I am now BUSTIN’ to get to goal…

I’m commiting myself to becoming more active here in my site(s) (both here and my main LessLisa site) and also doing *some* of the participation that I used to do (Progress Prompts, Weigh-in Wednesday, etc.) just to keep myself more active in the weight loss procedures…I seem to do better when I do that…I will just limit my computer time to do those few things and to post here and update my charts when I have my weigh-ins…so more than likely tomorrow at 5 p.m. I will be rejoining…then during the week of Aug. 24 (that’s my b-day gonna be the dreaded 31 LOL) they will be giving out the new program booklets and info, so I wanna be on top of all that and fully understand it..I’m actually looking forward to the changing program to kinda shake things up a little and have something fun and new to be doing

Speaking of participations, here is this weeks Progress Prompts:

Do you eat breakfast? What do you usually have for breakfast? People are always saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is it vital to your weight loss program? Why or why not?

I do eat breakfast, usually 1 C. Special K Red Berries with 1/2 C. Milk and 2 pcs. Lite toast. I don’t think that it is ‘vital’ to my weight loss, as I find when I don’t eat breakfast, I have more energy in the morning through lunchtime…I know that you are supposed to eat breakfast to keep your body going but I find myself more energetic without it. So, usually instead of eating at 6 a.m. when I get up (and usually with a grumbly stomach…LOL) I have been waiting until I get to work, feed Megan and Abbie there first, get a few work related things done, THEN I eat…by then it’s probably at LEAST 10 a.m. and usually that is about the time that Megan naps, and I go and do my 2 mile walk…so sometimes I eat even later…I also find that it is easier and less pressure on me, points-wise when I don’t eat breakfast or eat it later in the morning because it feels as if I am spreading my points out better throughout the day, and I don’t feel as if I have to scrimp by the time dinner comes around just to stay in points…wow, that was a flat out ramble…anyways, my conclusion here is I do NOT find it vital to my wieght loss program….

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Wow…I was mentioned in ‘The Skinny Daily Post’!!! LOL…I’m really flattered She is discussing Diet Blogs today Read it here The Skinny Daily Post…it’s a list of diet blogs that she recommends…just thought it was cool
(If that link doesn’t open in a new window, please hit ‘refresh’ and try it again

I won’t be here for probably the majority of the weekend, if at all…tomorrow night we have a baseball game to go to…Cleveland Indians Saturday we have a party, and Sunday we’re going to Deer Park (a small zoo/petting zoo type place) with *twin* and her family I need to make a ‘cast’ link, so that you all know who these people are in my life, aye??? LOL…

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!!!

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On 08.07.03
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…something new…something blue…

Well…wanna see our newest addition????

Clint’s truck was really getting to where it was going to start nickel and dime-ing us to death, and it needed a major repair that was going to cost us about 1/2 of what we even still owed on it, so we traded it in, and got this little beauty…it’s SOOOO much cuter and prettier in person than in the picture, but we’re so excited… AND it’s STANDARD!!! I SOOOO love driving a stick-shift, especially in a sporty little thing like this

I did another 2 mile walk today, and I realized that my body is getting so accustomed to the walking that even after 2 miles at a pretty brisk pace, I’m not out of breath…in a way that is good because my body and lungs are becoming used to the exercise, but at the same time, am I really getting as good of a workout when my breathing and heart rate isn’t anywhere near an aerobic type workout? I am going to try and start actual speed walking (which I enjoy more because I can feel the muscles in my inner thighs and tops of the backs of my legs being worked that way) and adding a little jog here and there. I read the other night that in order to keep from getting extremely winded while walking/running you are supposed to breath from your stomach not your chest, which I usually breathe from my chest because I always hold my stomach in as much as I can all day/every day and I’m used to that, so I don’t allow my stomach to move much when I breathe…and when I run on the treadmill here at home I get so winded that I can’t catch my breath for a few minutes…I know that that is also because my lungs aren’t used to having to work that much either, but I have to start breathing right (from my stomach) and see if that helps at all…so that’s something new to get used to…so anyways, I’m going to up my walking routine to a jog/speed walk deal and see how that continues to help my inches

I haven’t been on the scale in a few days which is also a good thing…I think I was becoming addicted to the stupid hunk of steel anyways…either that, or someone slipped a magnet in my heels when I was sleeping, cuz I just couldn’t stay away…so I am anxious for that surprise weigh-in on Sunday

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New sound

I just finished creating a new CD for listening to while walking I wanted more upbeat songs, not so much dance-tech stuff…just upbeat positive music, and here’s what I came up with ~

1. I can only imagine ~ by Mercyme (for warm-up)
2. Boys of Summer ~ by The Ataris
3. Live your dreams ~ Save the last dance soundtrack
4. Adrienne ~ by The Calling
5. 99.9% Sure (I’ve never been here before) ~ by Brian McComas
6. What a Beautiful Day ~ Chris Cagle
7. The Remedy ~ Jason Mraz
8. Intuition ~ by Jewel
9. Rock your body ~ by Justin Timberlake
10. Swing Swing ~ by The All-American Rejects
11. Don’t Stop Dancing ~ by Creed (for cool-down)

I’m still feeling pretty bummy about ‘me’ today, but I’m not letting it get me down…I know I have to work on it, and work on my body, and everything will be wonderful At least I’m not at a point where I’m comfortable with myself and allowing myself to just ’stall’…ya know? If there is a good thing about self-hatred, that would be it I do have the motivation from that hatred to carry on and succeed…and that’s what I’m doing…


I haven’t gotten around to answering e-mails/tags/comments yet, but please EVERYONE who has done one of these, please know how much your support means to me. It’s always so comforting to have wonderful words to lean on when things aren’t so wonderful…I really appreciate you all being here for me…I hope to return the mail/tag/comments/support soon!!! I need to get out and visit everyone…hopefully tomorrow night

I did get on the scale this morning and I’m still at a maintain, which in the scheme of things is a great thing…I mean the inches are down, meaning I’m losing fat/building muscle, so the pounds aren’t going to be going away as of yet, because of the muscle weight, right?!?! right??!?! c’mon, just agree with me … LOL…plus I got my visitor this morning, which is awesome for me…this is 8 or 9 months in a ROW now…VERY unusual for me…so I know that since I’m regular, losing inches, etc. that there ARE good things going on with my body I just wish they were going on a little faster…hahaha…


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What’s the friggin deal?!?!?!

What a title, huh? Here’s the deal…I got to go out with the girls tonight YES…no kids, no husband…just me, *twin* and a few girls and it was SO much fun…we met at Applebee’s (where I didn’t have ANYTHING to eat…just a SKYY blue and that was awesome)…then we went and saw ‘American Wedding’…BTW for any of you wanting to see this, it is stinking HILARIOUS!!!!! ROFL…I was cracking up…anyways back to my point here…LOL

After the movie 3 of the other girls went home, and 2 of them headed to a dance place close to where I live…I debated going, sounded like so much fun, and yet, WHERE am I???? Well, right here sitting at my computer…they are out having a ball I’m sure, and here I sit, self-concious, insecure, and just wanting to sleep it off…what the FRIG?!?!? Why in the hell can’t I get over this CRAP and get on with my life??? Why do I let my own self-image get me down so badly to where I can’t even go out and enjoy myself and just BE myself??!?!?! I feel SO angry with myself right now for not just going and having fun, and screw what everyone else thinks…ya know?!?!

Here’s what sent my night into a spiralling ball of poop…we were all sitting at the restaurant, having a ball, decided we needed to head out so we get to the movie on time, so we all stand up, and a table behind us that had 3 or 4 guys at it, I had my back to them, and all I hear is ‘Well, not THAT one’…and the laughter breaks out…now, mind you there are 6 of us at our table, the restaurant is full of other people and I have NO idea what their conversation is even ABOUT, and my friggin head automatically ASSUMES they are laughing AT ME…so from that point until the movie starts I am wishing I could be in that dark theater where no one can see anything of me except my silouhette…for a couple of hours I could be completely comfortable because no one can see me…then the movie ends…once again, I want to be IN the car and out of the crowd…how friggin messed up is that????

I’m tellin ya…nights/days like this, are what I’m on this journey for…I feel weird writing this stuff here sometimes, but it really does help ME alot…I seem to always want to post here, and only be positive in my writing…because that’s ME…I try and see the positive and not let myself get down…but lately I’m having a terrible time, in my journey, in my head, and I needed to get a struggle out in writing and hopefully it will relieve some of this…

These are good feelings in a way though, because it does keep me on track and doesn’t let me forget what I’m working for…

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Name Change

I need some input from all of my visitors I have a new layout for my journal here that I am thinking of using…and I would like to add a little ’spice’ to the name of my journal (blog) also…right now, of course, it’s just ‘LessLisa’s Blog’…blah, right??? I’m looking for something that I can still use LessLisa, but something like Less Lisa’s Letters or Less Lisa’s Light (no pun intended…well, maybe…hahahah)…I know…cheesy, but you get the idea…I hate the word ‘blog’ for some reason…ROFL…so I want an actual ‘Name’ for my journal PLEASE comment me/tag me if you have ANY ideas No idea is too silly!!! I wanna hear em!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

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