I just finished creating a new CD for listening to while walking I wanted more upbeat songs, not so much dance-tech stuff…just upbeat positive music, and here’s what I came up with ~

1. I can only imagine ~ by Mercyme (for warm-up)
2. Boys of Summer ~ by The Ataris
3. Live your dreams ~ Save the last dance soundtrack
4. Adrienne ~ by The Calling
5. 99.9% Sure (I’ve never been here before) ~ by Brian McComas
6. What a Beautiful Day ~ Chris Cagle
7. The Remedy ~ Jason Mraz
8. Intuition ~ by Jewel
9. Rock your body ~ by Justin Timberlake
10. Swing Swing ~ by The All-American Rejects
11. Don’t Stop Dancing ~ by Creed (for cool-down)

I’m still feeling pretty bummy about ‘me’ today, but I’m not letting it get me down…I know I have to work on it, and work on my body, and everything will be wonderful At least I’m not at a point where I’m comfortable with myself and allowing myself to just ’stall’…ya know? If there is a good thing about self-hatred, that would be it I do have the motivation from that hatred to carry on and succeed…and that’s what I’m doing…


I haven’t gotten around to answering e-mails/tags/comments yet, but please EVERYONE who has done one of these, please know how much your support means to me. It’s always so comforting to have wonderful words to lean on when things aren’t so wonderful…I really appreciate you all being here for me…I hope to return the mail/tag/comments/support soon!!! I need to get out and visit everyone…hopefully tomorrow night

I did get on the scale this morning and I’m still at a maintain, which in the scheme of things is a great thing…I mean the inches are down, meaning I’m losing fat/building muscle, so the pounds aren’t going to be going away as of yet, because of the muscle weight, right?!?! right??!?! c’mon, just agree with me … LOL…plus I got my visitor this morning, which is awesome for me…this is 8 or 9 months in a ROW now…VERY unusual for me…so I know that since I’m regular, losing inches, etc. that there ARE good things going on with my body I just wish they were going on a little faster…hahaha…