Well, I have mentioned here recently that I was going to re-join Weight Watchers and go to meetings and all again, and have YET to join up. Well, I called WW this morning and found out when the new program will be unleashed, (the week of Aug. 24th in case you are wondering…at least in my area) and that same week the joining fee will be 1/2 off…she told me today that it would be $40.00 if I join this week, which includes this weeks fee, but if I join that week it will only be $20.00…so I’m not sure what to do…save 20 bucks and wait two more weeks before I see my weight change, or do it now and screw the $20 and get back on the ball…I am going to talk to Clint tonight and see what he thinks too…all I know is I am now BUSTIN’ to get to goal…

I’m commiting myself to becoming more active here in my site(s) (both here and my main LessLisa site) and also doing *some* of the participation that I used to do (Progress Prompts, Weigh-in Wednesday, etc.) just to keep myself more active in the weight loss procedures…I seem to do better when I do that…I will just limit my computer time to do those few things and to post here and update my charts when I have my weigh-ins…so more than likely tomorrow at 5 p.m. I will be rejoining…then during the week of Aug. 24 (that’s my b-day gonna be the dreaded 31 LOL) they will be giving out the new program booklets and info, so I wanna be on top of all that and fully understand it..I’m actually looking forward to the changing program to kinda shake things up a little and have something fun and new to be doing

Speaking of participations, here is this weeks Progress Prompts:

Do you eat breakfast? What do you usually have for breakfast? People are always saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is it vital to your weight loss program? Why or why not?

I do eat breakfast, usually 1 C. Special K Red Berries with 1/2 C. Milk and 2 pcs. Lite toast. I don’t think that it is ‘vital’ to my weight loss, as I find when I don’t eat breakfast, I have more energy in the morning through lunchtime…I know that you are supposed to eat breakfast to keep your body going but I find myself more energetic without it. So, usually instead of eating at 6 a.m. when I get up (and usually with a grumbly stomach…LOL) I have been waiting until I get to work, feed Megan and Abbie there first, get a few work related things done, THEN I eat…by then it’s probably at LEAST 10 a.m. and usually that is about the time that Megan naps, and I go and do my 2 mile walk…so sometimes I eat even later…I also find that it is easier and less pressure on me, points-wise when I don’t eat breakfast or eat it later in the morning because it feels as if I am spreading my points out better throughout the day, and I don’t feel as if I have to scrimp by the time dinner comes around just to stay in points…wow, that was a flat out ramble…anyways, my conclusion here is I do NOT find it vital to my wieght loss program….