Well…wanna see our newest addition????

Clint’s truck was really getting to where it was going to start nickel and dime-ing us to death, and it needed a major repair that was going to cost us about 1/2 of what we even still owed on it, so we traded it in, and got this little beauty…it’s SOOOO much cuter and prettier in person than in the picture, but we’re so excited… AND it’s STANDARD!!! I SOOOO love driving a stick-shift, especially in a sporty little thing like this

I did another 2 mile walk today, and I realized that my body is getting so accustomed to the walking that even after 2 miles at a pretty brisk pace, I’m not out of breath…in a way that is good because my body and lungs are becoming used to the exercise, but at the same time, am I really getting as good of a workout when my breathing and heart rate isn’t anywhere near an aerobic type workout? I am going to try and start actual speed walking (which I enjoy more because I can feel the muscles in my inner thighs and tops of the backs of my legs being worked that way) and adding a little jog here and there. I read the other night that in order to keep from getting extremely winded while walking/running you are supposed to breath from your stomach not your chest, which I usually breathe from my chest because I always hold my stomach in as much as I can all day/every day and I’m used to that, so I don’t allow my stomach to move much when I breathe…and when I run on the treadmill here at home I get so winded that I can’t catch my breath for a few minutes…I know that that is also because my lungs aren’t used to having to work that much either, but I have to start breathing right (from my stomach) and see if that helps at all…so that’s something new to get used to…so anyways, I’m going to up my walking routine to a jog/speed walk deal and see how that continues to help my inches

I haven’t been on the scale in a few days which is also a good thing…I think I was becoming addicted to the stupid hunk of steel anyways…either that, or someone slipped a magnet in my heels when I was sleeping, cuz I just couldn’t stay away…so I am anxious for that surprise weigh-in on Sunday