Well, I had to get up EARLY this morning even though I didn’t have to work, get the girls outta bed and get to the bank to get my check in the night deposit before the bank opens…anyways…I’m sitting in the parking lot, and got into my purse to see how much money I had with me…McDonalds was just across the street, and those new McGriddles look SO yummy…well, I have $7.00 on me…LOL I figured, just enough for Abbie and I to get a sandwich and a drink for on the way home…then as if the Weight Watchers Fairy herself WHACKED me over the head with her pointy wand, it hit me…UMMMM HELLO?!?!? Weight Watchers!!! Can’t be eatin that CRAP!!! How in the world can it be SO easy and such a habit to just go and get FOOD???? LOL…I’m such a dork…BUT I didn’t go I came home and Abbie had oatmeal, Meggie had her bottle, and I had my Special K Red Berries and 2 pcs. lite toast Yay me!!!!

Speaking of WW…I got on the scale this morning (I know…I need to stay off of it)…BUT…it was teetering between 252.5 and 253!!!! That means I’m down at LEAST 1.5 and possibly 2 lbs. already since Tuesday YAY!!!!!

Oh!! If any of you who are reading this want to do WW, but haven’t/don’t want to join(ed), I JUST put an auction up on Ebay for a POINTS finder Slider & Activity POINTS Slider plus all 12 of the first weeks booklets & recipe cards…I am missing Week 8 (I think it was a booklet) for some reason, but everything else is there…CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE AUCTION!!!