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Sunday, Sunday…

What a nice quiet day we are having here at home *minus the coughing, sneezing, puking, watery-eyed Abbie we have * Poor honey is sick I sure hope we beat it before Christmas!!! Clint has some last minute shopping to do today, and came home with the most adorable fluffy soft teddy bear for her from JCPenney’s…he hates when she’s sick, so he got her something special Sweet daddy

I’m working today, from home of course, and it’s going slowly, as Abbie needs me, Megan needs me, and the phone keeps ringing Oh well, I have all day right???

Staying OP is going pretty good…I did have one White Russian last night at my parents, and weird thing is, I was all gung-ho about drinking last night…had one, and wanted WATER…LOL…so at least I didn’t blow my points in alcohol And I guess I have gotten my body accustomed to WATER, WATER, WATER, huh??

I have weigh-in tomorrow night (Monday) since my meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday are closed…at least I think they are…so I’m going tomorrow…hopefully I’ll have another loss…my scale is down a few again, so let’s hope the stupid thing *which, by the way, ’santa’ doesn’t think I need a new one because it’s not something ‘personal’ and I can get that for myself anytime*…like I was saying…let’s hope the stupid thing is CLOSE to correct…it’s ALWAYS off…hahahah…

Yeah, Clint thinks that I can go and buy myself a scale when I want to…after having kids for 4 years, he STILL doesn’t realize, that if I had $40.00 to spend on something, it sure the heck ain’t gonna be on ME…it’s gonna get the girls things they need He doesn’t think I should be that way…but it is…so hopefully he was just saying he won’t get me one to throw me off…LOL…

Dear Santa…I would like a digital scale for Christmas (just in case he really IS real) hee hee hee

Well, Megan wants to eat, and Abbie wants me to put ‘Animal Planet’ (on Discovery channel) on…so got to run Till next time, good luck and God Bless!!!! (((HUGS)))

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New Layout :)

Well, I think this is the layout/graphics that will be staying now…now if I can get my writing to be a little smaller, I will be happy But, I like it

Not alot going on here today…worked from home…we had no heat at work today as they are putting in a new heater for us, and Abbie is already sick with a cold, so we stayed home and worked from here.

Clint is out doing his Christmas shopping right now. He and a good friend from work went together…his friend was just married 2 months ago So I’m sure they are having fun

On the weight loss note…things are going really well…Still OP and going strong..and loving the new ‘me’ I see in the mirror. I still have those days where I look and all I see is the ‘old’ me…it’s like I can’t get myself to see the positive changes that have already taken place. Do you ever feel that way?? No matter how much good you do for yourself and your body, it never seems to be enough? I mean, I know I still have a LONG way to go before I hit goal, so my body is no where near where I would be happy with it anyway, but you would think I would be happier at times with the progress so far Guess I need to lighten up on myself a bit (no ‘pun’ intended…hee hee)

We are going to celebrate Christmas tomorrow with my brother and his girlfriend, because she is going home to New Jersey for Christmas and we won’t be able to be with her. So it should be a lot of fun Other than that, I’m going to try and get all my wrapping done tonight, and I’ll be completely ready for Christmas then Only 4 MORE DAYS till Christmas Eve!!! Woo hoo I’m so excited

Well, hope you all are having a great day!!!
Till next time, good luck and God Bless!!!

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My Mess :)

Please ignore the layout/graphics going on here…I’m trying to get a new layout set up…so bear with me while I play

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Again….**GIGGLE**GIGGLE**GIGGLE**…I’m down another UNBELIVEABLE 4.8 Lbs. this week!!!!!!! I could NOT believe it when I got on that scale…I kinda knew I had a loss, I can feel it…but going by that, you never know if it’s just in inches that you lose, or if it’s actual pounds Anywho…I’m down a total of 44.8 lbs. I have NEVER lost this much weight EVER…I feel like I’m in shock, disbelief, etc…another thing I realized tonight (although it’s a bit embarrasing)….I started out in a medium-high Class II Obese, and I’m now in a low Class I Obese…still sounds really bad, but it’s SOMETHING I sure don’t feel ‘obese’…I HATE that word…

I only need 5.2 lbs. till I can get my tattoo!!! (again, you can Click Here to see it…
I’m getting SO psyched about this!!!! I now have three people that want to be there when I get it…Clint, of course, my brother, who wants to get his at the same time I do And my cousin Christie…so it’s going to be such a fun day and to say I’m 50 LBS. down is just like a DREAM…I’m so stoked!!!!!!!!!

Well, tomorrow is going to be a HECTIC one till afternoon….I have to be at a local store to pick up a cake for our work Christmas Party tomorrow, both of the girls have their physicals immediately after that (Megan’s 2 month, which is a month late, and Abbie’s 4 year)…Abbie’s already sad and nervous for Megan because she has to get 4 shots..she’s such a sweet big sister…and then after their appointments, we go straight to work for our party I have to pick out one of Abbie’s small gifts and wrap it up tonight, so she has something to open at work also when we do the gift exchange Should be alot of fun

So, anyways, I need to get off of here and get everything packed for tomorrow so I’m on time for everything in the morning Hope you all are doing well!!! I’m looking to add some new weight loss sites to my Success page, so if you are interested and you’re not already listed there, drop me a line, ok??? I would love to see some new faces added soon Thanks!!!

Till next time, good luck, and God bless!!!!

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8 more :)

8 More days hee hee hee (BTW, my countdown is for Christmas Eve …That’s just the beginning of a two day exciting holiday for me )

Not a whole lot to post on tonight…I stayed completely OP again today, not even a thought of going over, or wanting more…I love these days

I think I have decided on stopping the Weight Watchers meetings and just going to Curves…I will continue to follow the Weight Watchers plan, of course, but this way I will get my exercise in, still weigh in, plus get accurate measurements taken every so often, AND save $20.00 a month Sounds like a deal to me I had an appointment to go into Curves tonight to go and visit and see what it’s like, but we had a rough day and had to put our last cow down…it was a sad day…long story, but had to cancel that meeting…so sometime SOON I have to get in to see this place I will still be going to weigh-in this week at least to Weight Watchers though, and possibly next week…we’ll see

Feeling really good about myself, and I’m starting to have to take a double take in the mirror some days…can’t believe the difference in my face and my torso…very strange when YOU yourself can see the changes…it’s unreal…but I’m loving it

Well, Megan is ready for bed, and Abbie and daddy are snoring in the recliner together, and I have to work all day tomorrow, so I have to get our lunches packed, bags packed for the day, etc. then *I* can FINALLY get some sleep too Hopefully Megan is nice to mommie tonight and sleeps all night again 6 hours straight sleep is just Heaven

Have a wonderful night, and day tomorrow…Hope everyone is having a fun and safe shopping time also


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10….no….9 *oh my gosh* Days Till Christmas!!

Christmas just seems to be sneaking up SO quick on me!!! I did manage to get the girls layaway out today…I had forgotten how much we had actually put in…hahaha…so after doing some shopping for stocking-stuffers before picking up the layaway, I am seriously thinking of going through my little pack-rats room (Abbie, of course ) and packing up some of the younger toys that she doesn’t play with as often and make room for all the HORSE stuff this girl now has…hahaha…

Today was the girls Christmas party also, and Abbie had a blast…Megan of course, was in her little baby la-la land, and just watched all the excitement It’s so nice having two daughters…I am still completely amazed and in awe that I am a mommie of 2 now…we are so blessed…

I know my journaling hasn’t been JUST weight loss related lately, but I figure, I would like you all to know a little more about me than just that I’m losing weight…kinda boring if you ask me…LOL…so bear with all my babble…I will almost ALWAYS have a weight-related little snippet in here

Speaking of…*hanging head*…I had a day of going OVER points yesterday…now, didn’t I, just YESTERDAY, say that I have a hard time filling up my points?!?!?! Well, guess what, yesterday was a day that I had the munchies something FIERCE…it’s weird that I can do so well for so long, then all of a sudden, one day, BAM…my body wants more food!!! But…I did make up for it today…I am 10 points under my lowest number of my range, and I KNOW that more than makes up for what I went over yesterday. So, there’s really no fear of it causing me any pain this week at weigh-in (which, by the way, will be on Wednesday NIGHT this week…) I’m kinda worried about having a night weigh-in since I always go first thing in the morning…so we’ll take the hits as they come I guess It’s only one week after all, and there shouldn’t be THAT much of a difference…RIGHT?!?!?

Here’s something I have been kicking around, and if any of you know about this place or are a member yourself, I would LOVE some input on this I am thinking of joining up at Curves For those of you who don’t know, it’s a gym-type place that is for women ONLY…I love the fact that I won’t be as self-concious working out when there are no men around So, I was thinking…Curves is $30.00 a month, and I’m spending $50.00 a month on Weight Watchers and the meetings… $80.00 a month is WAY too expensive, so I can’t do both. Here’s what I wanna do…quit going to Weight Watchers meetings, keep following the Weight Watchers plan just like I am now, and go to Curves instead. That way I will still have to be accountable to the leaders at Curves, so I don’t let myself get off track by just weighing in at home and let it get out of hand. They keep track of your weight, measurements, stuff like that, and I will be making sure that I get my exercise in also, which I am lacking in BIG time right now. Plus it will actually SAVE us $20.00 a month (are you sensing I have a money issue here, also??? hahahah)…so, Like I said, any of you who have any experience with Curves, I would LOVE your input here…I wanna know exactly what the atmosphere at Curves is like, and will it be beneficial for me to stick with that, or with Weight Watchers…Thanks so much!!!

Ok…my left hand is tingling from all the ‘chatting’ again…LOL…I’m going to head to bed, have to work tomorrow and wrap more gifts…Christmas party on Thursday…so I gotta be ready…and I’m already planning on staying completely OP also

Have a WONDERFUL night… (((HUGS)))

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11 Days Till Christmas!!!

I’m on the countdown! hee hee…Cannot WAIT for Christmas… I went to Jo-Ann fabrics and picked up 4 yards each of 3 different prints, to make more FLEECE BLANKETS (click here to see them) for Christmas gifts…They are so awesome to make, and I have had a few requests for some also, so I’m trying to get to them…but for now, I got a camoflauge print for Clint and then two other prints for my parents and his. I do mine a bit different than the instructions on that page says, and they come out really nice. I use 4 yards of material total for each blanket, and I only use one print instead of a solid AND print. Then I just fold that 4 yards of that one print in half, and cut 4″ squares out of the corners on the open end, but not out of the folded end corners…then I do 4″ strips along the 3 sides…that way whoever uses them, they don’t have the fringe in their face on the one end. It’s just a nice fold on the top of the blanket for them

Still amazed with myself with staying OP so well!! I’m really happy that I’m sticking with this…I am just loving the results I’m seeing…just wish I was closer to goal already…hahahah…I am definitely planning on staying OP for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…it’s too hard for me to get back on track the very next day when I give myself that one day of eating whatever… So, best for me to play it safe and just stick with the plan Maybe I will bank a few in the next week or so…then I will be covered no matter what

I have nursing points also, and it’s hard some days for me to fill my points, so it’s a bit easier to be able to bank…I have been making sure that I get to at least my lowest number, but that’s about as high as I get…seems to be the thing that works really well for me (staying at my lowest number)…and I seem to be losing pretty consistently that way…

Well, there goes another chatty afternoon entry…I really think I need some ‘adult’ conversation…LOL…I seem to come here and spill it all on you all…hahahahah…that’s what I get for having conversations with my 4 year old and 3 month old all day hee hee

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!! (((HUGS)))

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The Incredible Shrinking Woman :)

I had two very WONDERFUL things happen this week…Both weight related. I am now, for the very first time EVER, in VIRGIN FAT TERRITORY (back to the lowest weight I was before gaining with pregnancy) …that always sounded so funny to me when someone would say that, but it’s the best feeling in the world!!! As of Tuesday, I was 3 oz. less than I have been in YEARS…(before pregnancy and all)…I was SO excited when I realized that…

And 2nd, I took my measurements for the 2nd time last night since joining WW (wish I would have done it at my highest) and I have already lost 14.25 inches total!!! 2-3/4 off my hips AND waist alone!!! I was ssooooo excited!!! I knew I had lost alot, but not that many !!!

So, needless to say, I jumped on my scale this morning right away (haven’t been on it since my weigh-in on Tuesday) and it’s down again I look forward to Tuesday’s weigh-ins so much more lately…and these losses sure make it ALOT easier to stay OP!!!!

I did have something I wanted to ask you all about, and if you have an opinion on this, please leave a ‘comment’ and let me know what you think about this…two nights ago, I was talking to someone that I am very close to, and she was telling me she’s lost more weight (she’s already so skinny) and people were noticing and telling her they could tell she’s lost…when it hit me, that I really think my ’skinny-sensor’ is warped from me being so heavy myself…what I mean is, this girl looks SO thin to me…she looks absolutely perfect, and yet there are a couple of people that insist on telling her she needs to lose weight, they worry about her…I’m like ‘HELLO…’ what in the world these people must think of me is beyond me. I guess that whenever I see someone that isn’t as big as I am, I think they are so thin! I’m worried that if my sense of skinny is warped that I will be wearing cut off shirts and daisy dukes with ROLLS sticking out…HAHAHHA…(don’t worry, I won’t…but you get my point)…maybe it’s because these people aren’t as far gone as I was at my heaviest, so I don’t see how anyone could think they need to lose??? This is getting confusing for me to explain…I hope you all understand what I mean…hahah…just wondered if I’m not the only one who notices these things…

If you don’t know me very well, you soon will, and you will realize, that you will never know what to expect here…I just love the fact that I can come here and blab about anything, and no one thinks any different of me…it’s nice to have you all coming here and being in the same situations that I am … so I know I’m not alone (there ARE people out there, right????)

Welp, I gotta head to work…spending the day wrapping gifts for a gift exchange there for Christmas Should be an EXHAUSTING day…NOT!! I am hoping that my mom will watch the girls for 20-30 minutes so I can walk while I’m there, though, it would be great!! I hope you all have a wonderful, watered, OP day!!!! ((HUGS))

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The 12 Days of Christmas…

Can you believe only 12 MORE DAYS till Christmas????? I’m SOO excited We have the girls things in layaway, and we get them out early next week…gotta keep em out of the house as long as possible Just can’t believe how fast it’s coming up!!!

I’m doing awesome staying OP, and I’m hoping for a nice loss again this week…I only have 10 more lbs. to go and I will hit my 50 lbs. personal loss and I get to reward myself with a Tattoo!!! Click here to see what I think is going to be ‘thee’ one!! I’m thinking on the back of my shoulder…maybe my ankle…I’m excited though, can’t wait to get it!!!

Well, I need to get ready for work…have to head to the post office first, so I need to get my booty in gear !!! Have a wonderful day!!!

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Alright, I’ll shut up now…

I just had to see what happens to the comments when this window gets filled…ROFL…alright, I’m going to sleep now… Nighty!!!

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