What a nice quiet day we are having here at home *minus the coughing, sneezing, puking, watery-eyed Abbie we have * Poor honey is sick I sure hope we beat it before Christmas!!! Clint has some last minute shopping to do today, and came home with the most adorable fluffy soft teddy bear for her from JCPenney’s…he hates when she’s sick, so he got her something special Sweet daddy

I’m working today, from home of course, and it’s going slowly, as Abbie needs me, Megan needs me, and the phone keeps ringing Oh well, I have all day right???

Staying OP is going pretty good…I did have one White Russian last night at my parents, and weird thing is, I was all gung-ho about drinking last night…had one, and wanted WATER…LOL…so at least I didn’t blow my points in alcohol And I guess I have gotten my body accustomed to WATER, WATER, WATER, huh??

I have weigh-in tomorrow night (Monday) since my meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday are closed…at least I think they are…so I’m going tomorrow…hopefully I’ll have another loss…my scale is down a few again, so let’s hope the stupid thing *which, by the way, ’santa’ doesn’t think I need a new one because it’s not something ‘personal’ and I can get that for myself anytime*…like I was saying…let’s hope the stupid thing is CLOSE to correct…it’s ALWAYS off…hahahah…

Yeah, Clint thinks that I can go and buy myself a scale when I want to…after having kids for 4 years, he STILL doesn’t realize, that if I had $40.00 to spend on something, it sure the heck ain’t gonna be on ME…it’s gonna get the girls things they need He doesn’t think I should be that way…but it is…so hopefully he was just saying he won’t get me one to throw me off…LOL…

Dear Santa…I would like a digital scale for Christmas (just in case he really IS real) hee hee hee

Well, Megan wants to eat, and Abbie wants me to put ‘Animal Planet’ (on Discovery channel) on…so got to run Till next time, good luck and God Bless!!!! (((HUGS)))